Funny Runner: #RunChat Blog Nominations Are Out

"Oh, he was a little guy... Kinda funny lookin'." (Fargo 1996)

I have been called funny looking before, but this morning I woke up to find I am considered by some also to be funny.  A funny runner if you will.

#RunChat 2012 Blog Nominations are out and yours truly has been nominated for funniest running blog.  Did I tell you the joke about the blonde, the redhead, and the runner?

I feel fortunate to have been nominated two years in a row for this honor, and I thought my Mom and her friends were the only ones that read this stuff.  To get nominated last year, I had to throw on a (photoshop) ballerina tutu and write such blog classics (in my mind) as "Why Triathlons Are Like Frat Houses" (#2 At times, you are taking your clothes off as fast as you can, but you're not very good at it...or
#12 you pissed yourself were two of my favorites.)

This year, I dressed up as a woman, stripped in Vegas, and contributed a few self deprecating humorous blogs along the way to earn a nomination.  Vote here or catch a few highlights from this year's comedic run journey;

"Fifty Shades of Marathon Grey;" or Why Marathon Running is like Fifty Shades of Grey. (#3 "sore nipples was the most obvious comparison.)  Best blog comment of the year was from Erica; "I just find it amusing that even as you read 'mommy porn', you couldn't keep running out of your head."

"I can See the Gym From My House;" My faux interview with Sarah Palin on her upcoming fitness book.  Way too much material to pick from. Asked about "Yassos" and "Fartleks," Sarah replied, "Well yahoo to you too there skinny fella! Ya know after a couple of kiddo's it's kinda tough not to let out a little air once in a while when you're out there exerting yourself and all.  What was the question?"

"I'm Not the Ridiculously Photogenic Running Guy."  Also the most obvious statement of the year. "Most of my race pictures all look the same.  Not photogenic guy, but more like Cosmo Kramer when his face went numb in "The Jimmy" episode. "

"Rocky Road; Chicago Nascar Night" A tough yet comical night on the road trying to fit in my training where my hotel neighbors had a different kind of workout. #ahem

"Paul Ryan's  Little White Lie"  An election year and a VP candidate who lied about his marathon time.  Imagine that...a politician that lies?


"Love is in the Air, Ten Things to Love About Running," (#4 Chasing women in tights. Women in tights chasing me.)

Thanks to #runchat for the nomination and for all my Mom's friends who read my blog and nominated me.  Vote for SBM as the funniest blog of the year HERE.


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