Why Triathlons Are Like Frat Houses

If you have never been to a frat house, are easily insulted, or have never raced (or considered a triathlon) please move on to your other (self improvement, home decorating, car repair) blog.

Top twelve reasons why triathlons are like frat houses;

1) It's organized chaos.
2) At times, you are taking your clothes off as fast as you can, but you're not very good at it.
3) You can't consume quite enough liquids.
4) You know someone is going to throw up or you feel like you need to.
5) You jump in the water with your clothes on.
6) Women wearing tight clothes.
7) At some point, there will hopefully be cold beer in plastic solo cups.
8) You meet a lot of people but you don't always remember their names.
9) You are either chasing someone or someone is chasing you.
10) You have one "bitchin" bike.
11) At some point, you will be wearing (beer) goggles.
12) You pissed your pants.

Can you name a few more?


  1. If you didn't try it or live it ---- you will always wish you did.

  2. Sugar: Yes...I lived in a Fraternity (many moons ago) and it was pretty easy to make the comparisons--especially as a newbie triathlete trying to navigate the waters of this new sport...there's a lot of comic material to work from.

  3. Whether being in a fraternity or running a race, "it's better to be a little late than a big behind." Spoken with experience in both areas.


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