Monday, September 29, 2014

Need a Laugh Monday: Dad Detective and Bad Facebook

Dad Detective

I love playing dad detective.
Dad: "What's this blue chalk on my ottoman!?"
( answer in the house.)
One son walks over, gives fake perplexed look on his face and walks away.
Later I discover homecoming event meant aforementioned son came home covered in blue paint. Ironically the same hue of the paint matches the hue of the blue tainted ottoman.
I re-confront the teen and ask him "why didn't you tell me you rubbed paint on my ottoman?"
Son: "You said it was chalk."
Yes, technically I was looking for the blue chalk culprit, but one would presume a son would fess up to the paint. #not
Once confronted,  he starts to tell a story about it was some kind of accident. The "boy who cried wolf" story doesn't hold water. Perhaps came home from school and sat down to kick off shoes. Paint transfers in the process.
Case solved, but ottoman is still blue.

Bad Facebook

You probably already knew this, but don't ever try updating your Facebook cover photo on your mobile phone. After my alma mater beat Boston College IN Boston, I thought I was updating to this;

It turned out looking like this. I mean I love the CSU head coach, but not in that way...or that much...not that there's anything wrong with, you know what I mean.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Three Things Thursday Near and Far

Random thoughts for three things Thursday.

No Pain, No Gain

This week marked the second work travel trip since I busted up my ribs in a race. Saturday will be ten weeks from my accident. Sadly, I am still in quite a bit of pain. I am also running out of the "really good stuff" for night time pain management. I will explore some options next week with a consult with the Dr. The good news is that six weeks ago, it took narcotics every two hours to sleep through the night and I couldn't sleep on my stomach or side. Now...1-2 pills gives me 4-5+ hours of sleep and I'm at least attempting some side and back action. I'm not ready to start running, but hoping that I'm close.

Waiting Back Home

I fly home in the morning and understand I have a "treasure trove" of prizes awaiting from the #ChocolateMilkContest sponsored by Runner's World, Men's Health Magazine, Got Chocolate Milk, and Women's Health. I love a good mail day.


Guess what bridge?

Do you know what time it is?
I was looking for some photos and realized that over the last two years I have been able to run in some amazing places including Barcelona, Paris, London, New York City, San Francisco and lapped the Taj Mahal. A couple pix reminiscing some of those great runs.

Seeking Boston Seeks Barcelona

Seeking Boston Seeks Singapore

Seeking Taj

Friday, September 19, 2014

Nine Weeks After Four Broken Ribs

It's been awhile since I've provided an update from my triathlon crash nine weeks ago tomorrow. Recovery continues with some progress to report and some great things happening in my world. My latest VBLOG update.

Thanks for reading, watching and all the encouragement on the way to my recovery.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Blueprint for Building a Run Blog Brand

In high school, I was the co-editor of my newsmagazine. I know. Nerd. I remember back to grade school writing often in a comedic and sarcastic style that sometimes evoked a laugh or disapproving grade from my teachers. In other words, I've been writing, offending or entertaining for a long time. Being competitive by nature in running, I also want my blog to have some level of success. While I enjoy writing in and of itself, the whole idea for me is that hopefully someone else gets some enjoyment or information about running from my blog.

I have had some success in building my readership which has lead to some great opportunities such as interviewing Josh Cox one-on-one at the 2013 Boston Marathon sponsored by Poland Springs and finally getting follows from the likes of Asics on twitter. (They have 53k followers and only follow back 731. I doesn't take much to get me excited.) I have not ventured out into the wide range of ambassador programs because I either don't have the time, haven't been approached by the right products, or they don't find the humor in my North Korea Marathon parody post.

What I've told my kids is that you can never claim to know everything or stop learning so I reached out to a number of my favorite online runners to get their input on what works, and what doesn't when building your brand. Some focus on driving traffic to their blog while others have built a huge fan base on Facebook. Whether you're a blogger or not, these are some great runners to follow. Their story and advice below, but first I'd be remiss if I didn't list my other social links where you can find me.


You'll notice no one gave me their Google+ account as we're all still probably trying to figure that one out.

For the Love of Running

I found Michelle on Facebook and have built a strong rapport with her prior to this year's Boston Marathon. I was within minutes of meeting her, but opted out for a Generation Ucan seminar with Meb Keflezighi. She understood that we couldn't connect (considering he won two days later,) but hope to meet her soon. She kills it on the run course and on Facebook with over 4000 likes. Her thoughts;

"Nobody has been more shocked than me at how quickly my Facebook page took off. I started it on a whim, and as I got rolling and saw how much fun it could be, I was hooked. And that, I think, is the key - I truly find it fun. For a while last year, I was getting frustrated with not showing up in people's newsfeeds as frequently, and not having enough blog views to get sponsored or be an ambassador for products, and trying to figure out ways to 'outsmart' the system so that I'd get as many views and likes as possible. And frankly, it was exhausting and annoying and took all the fun out of it. So I let go of all that, and got back to why I started the page in the first place - to talk running. That's what I find resonates with people the most. Product reviews are nice, don't get me wrong - but what people want to hear about are the ups and downs, the struggles we all face, the triumphs we share - because we do share them, and that's what makes the community so great. I revel in other's success, and I commiserate when they don't succeed. It's a little running family, and I love being a part of it. It does require some work to build your page initially, if you want bigger numbers - comment on other's pages, put yourself out there and try to post every day - but it shouldn't feel like work. It should feel like chatting with your best running friends, because at the end of the day, that's what we're all doing."



Talk about bizarre encounters meeting a virtual acquiantance in the real world. On the 5K race day prior to the April Boston Marathon, I literally ran into Linzie Starr in the Boston Commons during a shake-out run having recognized him from his tiny little online icon. He recently re-branded from SeeSharpRun to SharpEndurance. What works for him?

"Social media is a very unique animal. The most important thing to remember is to BE YOURSELF! Authenticity goes a very long way. Your readers and followers aren't dumb, they can tell if you are aren't being "real". Be yourself. Also, if you have a point of view be sure that comes through in what you do. Try not to crowd or clutter your feed with information, photos, or content that doesn't have anything to do with your platform. Lastly, be responsive and engage people. Don't be afraid to join a Twitter chat hosted by a brand to increase your reach, or enter contests from your favorite brands on Instagram. Doing these small things will grow your online presence as well as establish you as a noteworthy resource readers will want to continue to connect with."

Linzie is an ambassador for INKnBURN, Orange Mud, RunnerBox, EnergyBits, and PRO Compression.

"Brands also want you to be authentic and not pushy. Love the product and usually they will pay attention to you if your point of views aligns with what they are looking for."

You can find Linzie at;

Run Ginger Run

I met Sarah through one of my favorite online chat groups, #RunChat. She's been a big fan of mine and vice versa particularly as I've been on the road to recovery from my triathon accident. More about Sarah and her advice;

RunGingerRun is authored by Sarah who is a proudly self-proclaimedGinger (Redhead). You can find her running the roads of Tulsa, OK with her husband. Together they have conquered everything from the 5K to 50K distances and almost everything in between. Her favorite race distance is the Half Marathon, however she is currently training for the Honolulu marathon in December. Sarah is a BibRave Ambassador, ENERGYbits Ambassador as well as a Marathon Maniac and Half Fanatic. When she is not running she is either blogging or connecting with other runners on social media.

Sarah's best advice for increasing readership following through social media is to be a part of the conversation! She has learned that engaging in conversation leads to better relationships and increased following more so than just hitting the follow button. She has found that Twitter has been the best avenue to increase traffic as she finds it welcomes discussion more so than other platforms from runners all over the globe. Sarah recommends participating in Twitter chats that follow along with your target interest. For example, #RunChat on Sundays and #BibChat on Tuesdays are both great ways to connect with others who love all things running.

You can find Sarah at;

Weight Off My Shoulders

Dani is a "superstar" in the run blog world. My definition, not her's as she's modest and quite enthusiastic. At times, she's provided advice to me, and was great to finally meet her at a blog meet-up at this year's Boston Marathon. She has strong ambassador relationships including GotChocolateMilk. Her advice to me in Boston was "don't be shy" about asking vendors for a relationship, but okay to be a bit picky--don't just promote anyone who reaches out to you. Her take on how to build a social brand.

"My biggest piece of advice is to be authentic. It is the best compliment I receive on my social media channels. I share the highs and lows, the ups and downs. I am the first to admit when I slip up because there is no reason to lie to my readers. I spent so much time lying to myself which led me to be 235 lbs. If I don't lie to myself then I can't lie to my readers!! Additionally with being authentic it is the same when it comes to your online 'persona.' I am the same online as I am in person.

I get so discouraged when I meet bloggers that are 100% opposites as how they appear online."

You can find Dani at;

Running on the Fly

Kim has been a pretty serious runner since 2005, when she finally (after several failed attempts) ran her first 5K without walking.  She became a very serious runner in 2008, when she ran her first 20K and was instantly hooked on the longer distance.  She became a crazy serious runner in 2013, when she crossed the finish line of the Quad Cities Marathon...her first 26.2.  She has done more than twenty 20K's/half marathons, and is currently training for the IMT Des Moines Marathon (October 19th).

"As far as social media, my preferred place to play is Facebook.  I started my page, Running on the Fly, in January of 2013.  I try to post something every morning, the earlier the better.  Most people scroll through Facebook as soon as they wake up, so it's best to have something there waiting for them.  Typically, I'll find a couple different images to post, and have at least one of these images invoke a hopes of getting my followers to reply to it (which, in turn, will hopefully get more followers to follow suit). I post a lot of pictures...motivational stuff, colorful images, and (the often dreaded) selfies.

I try to keep the words to a minimum and have the picture be the focus (personally, if I see a very lenghty FB post with a lot of "words" I tend to scroll past them, so I try to avoid doing that with my page).  I also write a blog, so I link most of my blog posts on my FB page. Another trick I have learned is to "share" informative articles from other sites on my page.  Not only does it build good will between fellow page admins, but it usually shows (on the main newsfeed) if any other page shares it as

well...kind of like free advertising for all those who have shared."

The places you can find me:

Blisters and Black Toenails

The 2014 Boston Marathon was all about redemption for many runners who ran in 2013, but for me, it was also great to meet many run virtual friends who I now can say I've met in real life. Another completely random run in, I met Phaedra finally for the first time in the Athlete's Village in Hopkinton prior to this year's Boston Marathon. We have become even better friends on all social channels. More about Phaedra and her advice;

"Blisters and Black Toenails is home to the chronicles of Phaedra Kennedy, a self proclaimed racing junkie.  She is an endurance athlete that loves to test her limits.  She races everything from 5km to Ironman and is often accompanied by her husband.

Together they can be found racing in various triathlon races throughout Ontario.  Phaedra's favourite triathlon discipline is short course (750m swim, 30km bike, 7.5 km run) and her favourite run distance is the Half Marathon.  She's currently coming off an action packed season that has seen her re-claim her "old broad" age group title (40-44) in her favourite triathlon race series.  Phaedra races for the Real Deal Racing team and is a Sweat Pink, Mermaid Club & Fitfluential Ambassador.   In order to support her racing habit, she works full time as a stills producer.  When she's not working or racing, she's either instagramming, blogging or coaching.

Phaedra has found that the best way to increase your readership through social media is to engage with others, whether it be by commenting on blogs, or responding to comments on her own blog, it's important to be an active participant.  She's also found that linking her social media accounts to Twitter has helped increase her traffic.  It's like being in multiple places at once and it provides an excellent forum for discussion."


Confessions of an Amateur Athlete

Jeremy is one of my new running friends from the virtual world. I have mainly interfaced with him on twitter. His blog, Confessions of an Amateur Athlete has only been around for a short time, but he's built a strong following and has struck up some good ambassadorships. Jeremy's views on building his social brand;

"Anyone can start a blog, but before you do, I have to ask... how dedicated are you?
You have to fall in love with it in order to make it grow.  You don't want it to become a chore or else it won't become what you want. No matter how great you think your posts are, no matter how awesome the content, you're going to have to spend time on social media meeting other runner/bloggers and put in the time to connect with others.

The easiest way I've found to help my blog grow is visit other bloggers' pages, comment on them, and they usually will return the favor. Also, by finding a product or brand you love and applying to be an ambassador for them can really launch you forward.

I'm currently an ambassador for @bibrave and @cocogo and love being involved with them!

I've also grown to love what I do so much that I've created my own local running group for runner/bloggers with a social media addiction! We're #RunEatTweetAZ! Check us out and feel free to ask us any questions you might have about growing your own blog."

Jeremy's Links:

#RunEatTweetAZ Links:

Thanks to everyone above for the fantastic input and more importantly your online friendship. I left out a lot of runners, but please chime in on the comments section. As for me, what's worked? I think being genuine is important and I heard that a lot from the above. I tend to hang myself out there a lot...perhaps crossing over to my personal life too much, but it's cheaper than therapy. I agree that it takes a lot of time and helps to connect with a lot of runners in forums like #runchat and #bibchat. Doesn't hurt to occasionally poke the likes of Bart Yasso. He's a lot more approachable than you think and a funny and genuine guy. In media, Runner's World magazine is "king" and I've also got to know the PR folks there which has lead to great opportunities such as the #ChocolateMilkContest. I found out yesterday I came in third! Huge thanks to them and all my readers that voted for me.

Please follow these great runners and let me know what you think. Run and read on.

Friday, September 12, 2014

One Race I Won't Run if I Don't Get Into the Boston Marathon

I registered for the Boston Marathon this morning. At this point, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I get into the 2015 race by surviving the registration process.

I am looking for a solid "plan B" should I not get in. One race I will not be running next February is the North Korea "Axis of Evil" Marathon.  It may be obvious, but here are the top ten reasons I'm NOT lacing it up with Kim Jung Un.

1) Ponytails and short shorts are not allowed. Not fair to the women, and what, I'm supposed to run in jeans? What fun is that?
2) Weird post-race food tables with proteins I don't recognize and missing the obvious favorites of bagels, bananas, and chocolate milk. Not sure what they have against bagels unless it's some symbol of the devil.
3) "Axis of Evil" is a great heavy metal band name or may look good on a t-shirt, but it gives me the heebie jeebies and causes travel trepidation.

4) State enforced curfews lead to pretty thin crowds as darkness turns to light in the early stages of the morning race.
5) There are laws on what haircuts are allowed (true story.) This causes pause with my normal pre-race local haircut ritual.
6) Rumors of friend with sign "If it was easy, it would be called your mother," disappeared as did the sign.
7) Public display of sweat leads to public display of "caning."
8) There's no way I can't slip out a few "F-bombs" around mile 20 as I normally ask, "why the F--- am I doing this again?" I don't want to ask what the penalty is for certain four-letter words.
9) If you run like you stole something, you might get shot for stealing something.
10) First place, firing squad (someone with a funny haircut is supposed to come in first,) second place work camp, third place, you don't want to know.

Let's hope I get into Boston.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Are You Seeking the Boston Marathon?

Are you registering for the Boston Marathon this week or still chasing your first BQ?

A little over five years ago, I started a blog entitled "Seeking Boston Marathon." At that time, I had not qualified for the most prestigious and sometimes elusive race in the land, the Boston Marathon. The post was brief, and like all novice runners, I threw out a reference to Run Forrest, Run! Today, the Boston Athletic Association opened up registration for the 2015 Boston Marathon. As they have done the last couple of years, the fastest qualifying runners get to register first and are all but guaranteed to get in.

Based on my 2014 BQ time of 3:23:55, I get to register this coming Friday. While every single Boston Marathon has been special, I haven't got enough of the unicorn elixir. After eleven marathons overall, six BQ's, and four Boston Marathons I've raced in, yes, I am still seeking Boston Marathon.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Three Things Thursday; New York, New York, and Boston

Three things thursday. A few things that are on my mind this week.

Start Spreading the Word

Perhaps this should have been a blog post in and of itself, but it's an event that happened and I didn't even know about it. The New York City marathon is still a close second to Boston in my heart. While 50 states is not something I've got on my bucket list, running each of the world majors is on the list. I've tried and failed at least four times now to get into the New York Marathon via the lottery. Shoulda, coulda, woulda, or


A couple of months ago, a friend of mine posted on her Facebook that she (unbeknownst to her) qualified for the New York City Marathon. She ran a few seconds "over" the qualifying time, submitted her time, and was informed it was a NYQ. Being in the same situation, I emailed the New York Road Runners Association about a half marathon qualifying time of 1:29:18 (which also happens to be my half PR and 18 seconds over the qualifying time) I ran at the Slacker Half Marathon in Colorado. After a few emails back and forth, and "no, I'm not trying to squeek into the 2014 race," the race director confirmed I can now add NYQ to my credentials.

The buzz kill is that that my NYQ won't apply to the 2015 race so I will have to get back into shape and run another 1:29 or better to actually get into an upcoming New York City Marathon. I'm fine with that, as we all need goals to chase after.


 My blog name is named after it. There's always a subliminal unicorn dancing in my head (or the occasional "larry the foul-mouthed unicorn" showing up in a blog post. This week, I got an email as many of you did that the Boston Athletic Association will start registration for the Boston Marathon on Monday. Oh happy day! While I had a BQ in my only marathon in 2014 (at Boston,) it was not the sub-3:20 I was shooting for. With the new registration procedure they implemented two years ago, the fastest qualifiers get to register on Monday. Hopefully, I will survive the registration gauntlet and run my fifth Boston Marathon next April.

Redemption and Passion

Seven months ago, I went on a "once in a lifetime" trip with my Dad to (the aforementioned) New York City for the Super Bowl. There are two things I'm just as passionate about as I am running; my family, and "American Football." My family grew up going to the Broncos games as season ticket holders. I was a mere nine years old when I started going to the games and became hooked on orange and blue. Decades before my passion for running started.

I'm still not able to watch replays from the game seven months ago and instead prefer to think about the wonderful memories with my Dad. Having said that, I will be "glued" to the T.V. tonight hoping the Green Bay Packers knock the feathers out of the Seachickens.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lost in 140 Character Translation or Influenced by Oxy

I posted something last week clearly "under the influence" of my pain meds and was up "in the middle of the night" later that evening (taking another pain pill) and noticed a "comment" that seemed a bit harsh. My mind started swirling already on a magic carpet ride. What had I said? Why did he say that? Why do I see a purple and green caterpillar smoking a hookah in the corner of my bedroom, and what am I doing ran through my mind.

The original post was innocuous enough.

"Twelve miles. For the month...walking. This is gonna require all the patience I've got."
The walking post in question

A few problems with that post. For one, it was actually twelve miles for the week walking post tense. As it was a couple days before the start of September, I'd (later) think. Was this what I'd completed or a goal for the coming month. The response (from a very good friend) was;

"quit your bitchin', get out there and walk."

"Wow," that's kinda harsh I thought as I sat on the edge of my bed in the dark. My routine has been to take a variety of pill cocktails around bed lately "laced" with a sleep aid since the narcotics have been having the opposite desired effect--they have been keeping me awake versus knocking me (and the pain out.) Somewhere around 1AM, I read the comment. I just popped another 10 mg. "oxy" hoping that the pill would get me to sunrise..."on a magic carpet ride." In the dark, my routine is during the midnight dose, I would hit the restroom to empty my bladder, and sit for a few minutes on the edge of the bed stretching my back and ribs to get them to relax as the medication "kicked in." That's when I read the words that stung,


I wasn't upset at my friend, but I was wondering, what I'd said to invoke the reaction. Were people tired of
hearing about all my complaining? Was I alienating people and viewers with my "pity potty" parade? I must admit, I've talked a big story about rehab, coming back stronger, but the news from my second Dr. visit before the Labor Day weekend was not the encouraging report I was hoping for.

I'd told the doc that I'd tried running a week ago and did a half mile in the pool this week. Both didn't feel right and I'd come to the conclusion on my own that I was indeed not ready for running or triathlon mild work on the road or in the water. He looked at me like a parent looks at a child with that, "what were you thinking?" look on their face. He put me on a no impact "doctor's instructions" for the next two weeks. In hindsight the range of motion required for swimming combined with the twisting of the body was just plain stupid to try. I winced in the pool, but as I've done in the past with previous injuries, is to "shrug it off" and think that the exercise and range of motion would "loosen things up."

This does not apply to broken ribs I've learned.

Having struggled with depression in the past, I have fought off any of those demons with visions of a comeback combined with deadened senses brought on by prescriptions. My doctor gave me a few more days worth of the pills, but said, it should be time I should start feeling better and weaning myself off the pills. I agreed. Being a fitness freak, I don't like the idea of polluting my body but it's been required. For sleep, it's a necessity.

When morning arrived (after I'd deleted the post,) I realized my friend must have thought I was dreading to walk 12 miles in the coming month. As a good friend, he was giving me a kick in the pants, to get out there and get better. I took no offense to the comment. I need to get back out there. Maybe not at the pace I'd like or as soon as I'd like. Either way, I am looking forward to moving beyond pain, RUNNING again, getting out of the doldrums, and once again seeking Boston Marathon.
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