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For the Record, Dick (Hoyt) Cried First

The following is hopefully the first of many guest posts from Liam's Mom. This weekend, Liam was invited with a number of Team Hoyt athletes to visit with Dick Hoyt and race as special guests in the Holland Elementary 5K Road Race. Joan, Fabian, and Liam spent the day at Dick's home. Joan's account of their day. (Liam's story can be found HERE.)

As a mom to Liam I have had many adventures. Medical adventures bring out my momma bear mode. It can be stressful. Racing adventures brings out the cheerleader mom. We have done Disneyland, hiked the rockies, played in the waves in Hawaii and met Jake Shimabukuro. All good stuff. This weekend we had another kind of adventure. We were invited to meet Dick Hoyt at his home. His home is often referred to as a “museum” by those who know his and Rick Hoyts story. Its hard to explain what its like meeting the idol of special needs parents. Its big time.

The Hoyt home is found on a quaint country road in Holland MA. It has a lake view…

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