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Four Days to My Second Triathlon With Liam

My favorite memory countdown to my second triathlon and seventh overall race with my special needs buddy Liam.

Overall, we've had two Carlsbad 5000's, one additional 5K, two half marathons, and one triathlon together. On Sunday in San Diego, we will go after our FIRST olympic distance triathlon together at the CVS San Diego Half Triathlon. Not bad for a kid who's never walked.

My memory of the day was our first 5K together. After deciding to race together on his 18th birthday (without the influence of tequila,) we decided to race in the Carlsbad 5000 seven months later. One of Liam's good buddies, Cormac (who I met at the party and was a Competitor Magazine supastah!) and his mom (Cindy) graciously offered to loan their Team Hoyt running chair to us to race in Carlsbad.

There have been several "oh shit" moments including; flying into San Diego a couple of days before the race and realizing, "I've never done this before!!!" After a lot of stupid …

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