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Back (pun intended) in July of last year, I decided to do something about my back pain. Since CIM in December 2018, I have been dealing with an extraordinary amount of back pain. I decided to go in to the Ortho to try and get some answers and relief. The denial was that by July of 2019, I was waking up every morning with back pain. I scaled back running to no avail. The MRI turned up a few things going on with the back; scoliosis, torn disc, and bulging disc, and an Ortho that asked, "you've been running on that???"

Short version on treatment included three spinal injections, a new Theragun, some physical therapy, a new Belifu "stim" unit for Christmas, and in October, a three month (dreaded) no running edict from the Doc. Oy vey.

Starting around the end of the year ('19,) I started picking up running again. The Dr. allowed swimming, and mild cycling and eliptical (as long as I wasn't thrashing) during the hiatus. The treatments didn't seem to hav…

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