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Freaky Friday

Too many of my blog posts include the phrase, "I'm old enough to remember," but I'm old enough to remember Jodie Foster as a child actress in a movie called Freaky Friday. I'd like to say I saw it merely watched for the first time last month on Disney Plus but alas it was a few years earlier. I say it's my "Freaky Friday" as I write with a bouquet of body dysfunctions I'm encountering this Friday that are like many other of my recent days. "Freaky Friday" includes my Dwayne Carswell day of fevers--I use Denver Bronco player jersey numbers to help me keep track of the number of days I've had a fever. Dwayne was number 89 as a Denver Bronco. I've had a fever for 89 days.  A beast of a tight end related to a beast of a virus--and its long haul effects. I'm sure they don't like my fever streak named after them, but I lose count otherwise.The cornucopia of today's symptoms also includes the "wallet pulled out of the…

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