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Long Covid: And to Think it Happened on Dexter Street

With a few Dr. Seuss books cancelled of late, I thought I would propose a suitable replacement. A sequel to the 2017 SBM Classic, " A Run With Runs is No Fun ."  Not quite "And to Think I saw it on Mulberry Street," but I offer up my Long Covid version as a suitable 2020/2021 replacement. White tub Cold tub My grey robe spot At night I go When my feet are hot Hot, hot, hot Normal legs these are Not, not, not Twitching, kicking Crazy legs I have Got, hot, got Daily flu is my thing Tingly, achy, itchy Rona lingering Shit, shat, shot My body is Hot, hot, hot Not in hunky way I am Not, not, not My hair has thinned On my foggy head Shit, shat, shot  Thinking clearly I am Not, not, not For 100 days  My fever was Hot, hot, hot Some didn't care  They did not, not, not My chest it burns I gulp for air Doctors said Nothing here Nothing there They can't explain  My fading hair  I used to swim I used to run Now I cant No fun, no fun My running rant There is hope There i

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