Thursday, October 16, 2014


I was going through my briefcase today in my office looking for something. As a traveling sales guy my briefcase is a bit of a black hole with a collection of everything; aspirin, phone cables, even emergency sewing kit--you never know when you are going to "pop a button" an hour before a big presentation. I pulled out a tube of something that looked out of place. 
"Mystery" balm I discovered

It resembled something you would find in a woman's purse...some kind of lip balm with the words "lavender," "in your dreams" and "MIKA" in bold letters as the product name. I had no idea what it was or how it got there. I ask my wife who was sitting nearby if it was hers or knew what it was. It seemed like a cliché...a man asking his wife what a mysterious woman's item was doing there admitting innocence over an innocuous item. She informed me the "other woman" was my sister. 

My sister Kim is a nurse and spent many evenings visiting me the second half of July as I sat in my hospital bed writhing in pain. Daytime was rough enough but evenings in the hospital were more like a nightmare. Kim offered MIKA as stress relief and something that might calm me before I attempted a couple hours of narcotics-induced sleep. A gift of love and kindness. A smile came to my lips when I remembered getting the balm then and why I had it in my briefcase. It made me once again reflective of all the love and support I've received since my accident.
Day 1 of PT at Steadman Hawkins

It seemed to be a fitting symbol that got me to where I'm at in my recovery. I made great strides in the last week with my MRI diagnosis of a torn labrum, separated shoulder,  and "sick scapula." The later is not cool skateboarder lingo, but a term for "really jacked up" shoulder blade floating without the expected muscle structure and range of motion without pain. I have begun physical therapy at the world famous Steadman Hawkins clinic (hey...if it's good enough for Missy Franklin and John Elway, it's good
My first run since July
enough for me) to strengthen that area and felt strong enough to throw a mile and a half of running into my long walk on Saturday. I took it a step further and ran a full three miles yesterday. Yes, I RAN! Significant in that this was my first running since the middle of July. I ran the three miles at around a 9:40 pace and the lungs, ribs, and shoulder seemed okay. Far from my 5K PR pace of a 6:13 mile, but I was happy that my lungs could manage three miles a mere three months after my right lung collapsed. Yes, last night and today I was quite sore combining the running with the twice-a-day shoulder exercises. I'm certainly not ready for 5-6 days a week knocking out 50+ miles, but I'm thrilled to label myself a "runner" again versus a walker (not that there's anything wrong with walking.)

I will continue to take it slow in "ramping" this up and "listen to my body." Yes, it's stressful to not be where I was at in early July hitting the podium in my last run race over the 4th of July. Yes, it's stressful to watch the fall marathon results come in as I'm envious that I'm not out there. Stress? It's okay...I have MIKA.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Oh, And Another Thing

Two days away from twelve weeks from my accident (original race post HERE) and something is still not quite right. While I've had a couple breakthrough days over the last two weeks, I've had an equal number of bad days. Not mentally bad days as there has been plenty of those grappling with the fact that I'm a runner who can't run during "marathon season." No...there have more than a few days where the pain crept in earlier than normal in the day which affects everyone close to me. Daddy isn't very fun when he's in pain.

Knowing something was not quite right primarily with my right shoulder, I set an appointment with an ortho that lead to an MRI last Friday. What was "not quite right" you ask...aside from the pain, my right scapula (shoulder blade) was more than a bit "wonky" as it floated around without the expected muscle structure I've got on my left side. Where my right collar bone meets the sternum, there's an "abby normal" bump (name the movie reference and win a Seeking Boston sticker) which was freaking my shiz out. Add that to the fact that I still need more than children's chewable aspirin at night to sleep lead to the recent trips to the good doctor.

My ortho of choice was Dr. Genuario from Steadman Hawkins in Denver--yes, that Steadman Hawkins. Their lobby is like a Asics commercial with a who's who of athletes seeking miracle surgery and treatment to get back to the sports they love and get paid the big bucks for. Me? I've got that whopping $3 a month I make on my blog and my readers are getting tired of my human interest stories that have nothing to do with running. In other words, I gotta "get back on that horse."

I also want to get off the pain meds. I'm at peace (no pun intended) with the pain meds as I've talked to plenty of people who have dealt with chronic pain and the bottom line is you can't walk (or limp) through life with a grimace on your face due to pain. Yes, addiction is a real issue or challenge to consider, but I also have to function in life (at home, at work) with some sense of normalcy.

It's not a surprise that I've got pain in my shoulder as I "body slammed" the asphalt going 25+ miles per hour in my race which resulted in four broken ribs and a collapsed lung. The more I hear about my pneumothorax, the more I realize the "bullet" I dodged--especially considering "dumb ass" (me) hopped on the bike and rode another 20 minutes trying to finish. I then waited at least that long for a medic, then another 15-20 for the ambulance. The math there is not good.

At this point, you're what was the MRI result?!? Not a surprise they found something, but a bit of a surprise that Memorial Hospital where I spent eleven days did not. I only told them from the very start that all my pain shot out the back of my right shoulder blade like an exit wound from a dull crossbow arrow. Dr. G explained that I have a separated shoulder and a torn labrum. #ouchiemama

The good news in all that?

1) I'm not as big of a giant baby that I thought I was complaining about all that shoulder pain.
2) No surgery! Physical therapy starts when I get back in town after two trips (one for work and the other a college visit with my son.) Next Monday.
3) Genuario said I could start running when I feel up to it. I wanted to know what was going on with my shoulder and be off pain meds before I started running. I'm close.
4) Like the others in the lobby of Steadman Hawkins, I should be able to return to form and the sports I love; running and triathlons. The only thing I worry about there is getting that right lung back.
5) The ribs. They broke. They take time, but now it seems they're ahead of the shoulder.

I only wish my hospital doc had said, "well, you've got four broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and oh, and another separated your shoulder and tore your really did it up right!" He left out that last part. I doubt I've lost much time with recovery since I likely couldn't have started much intense therapy anyway as I needed to be somewhat sedentary to heal those ribs.

No pain no gain...or more like a lotta pain and a little bit of gain. I have two months to get my ribs, shoulder, and lungs to a place where I can start my typical sixteen week training plan for a little race called the Boston Marathon.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Meme Monday: Matthew McConaughey Goes Long

I had toyed with the idea of a Lincoln commercial spoof, but Ellen DeGeneres beat me to it. "Larry the Foul-Mouthed Unicorn" jumped into the fun. Have a great week and congrats to all those that raced this last weekend. Lot's of marathon results! How did you do?

Thursday, October 2, 2014

#tbt Voicemail Time Capsules

I know I've posted a lot lately about non-running activities, but this layoff has allowed me extra time with the family and sometimes accidents have a way of making you a bit reflective. Whether or not you are a parent, these two clips are absolutely priceless to me, and hope you will enjoy them as well. For those that are parents, save will love listening to them ten years later. The two below are from my kids; my son is now a senior in high school and my daughter is a sophomore in college. The first is a voicemail from my son who had his football cards destroyed in the wash.

And one from my daughter worried about dad being on a plane in a blizzard.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It Pays to Blog and Know Your Recovery

First off, I have to apologize. I'm not much to look at on video and realized halfway through production, I had some "crazy hair" happening. I will fire the stylist tomorrow. This week's video blog is not so much an update on my injury recovery, but I got my 2nd place prize in the #chocolatemilkcontest sponsored by Rodale, Runner's World Magazine, Men's Health Magazine, Bicycling Magazine and Got Chocolate Milk.

I wrote about how I recover after a training session or race (HERE) and was thrilled to get 2nd place. Thanks so much to all my mom's friends who voted every day along with everyone else.

Also..congrats to my running and blogging buddy Dani from Weight Off My Shoulders for coming in Third. I told her the only reason she came in third was that I had a huge head start!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Need a Laugh Monday: Dad Detective and Bad Facebook

Dad Detective

I love playing dad detective.
Dad: "What's this blue chalk on my ottoman!?"
( answer in the house.)
One son walks over, gives fake perplexed look on his face and walks away.
Later I discover homecoming event meant aforementioned son came home covered in blue paint. Ironically the same hue of the paint matches the hue of the blue tainted ottoman.
I re-confront the teen and ask him "why didn't you tell me you rubbed paint on my ottoman?"
Son: "You said it was chalk."
Yes, technically I was looking for the blue chalk culprit, but one would presume a son would fess up to the paint. #not
Once confronted,  he starts to tell a story about it was some kind of accident. The "boy who cried wolf" story doesn't hold water. Perhaps came home from school and sat down to kick off shoes. Paint transfers in the process.
Case solved, but ottoman is still blue.

Bad Facebook

You probably already knew this, but don't ever try updating your Facebook cover photo on your mobile phone. After my alma mater beat Boston College IN Boston, I thought I was updating to this;

It turned out looking like this. I mean I love the CSU head coach, but not in that way...or that much...not that there's anything wrong with, you know what I mean.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Three Things Thursday Near and Far

Random thoughts for three things Thursday.

No Pain, No Gain

This week marked the second work travel trip since I busted up my ribs in a race. Saturday will be ten weeks from my accident. Sadly, I am still in quite a bit of pain. I am also running out of the "really good stuff" for night time pain management. I will explore some options next week with a consult with the Dr. The good news is that six weeks ago, it took narcotics every two hours to sleep through the night and I couldn't sleep on my stomach or side. Now...1-2 pills gives me 4-5+ hours of sleep and I'm at least attempting some side and back action. I'm not ready to start running, but hoping that I'm close.

Waiting Back Home

I fly home in the morning and understand I have a "treasure trove" of prizes awaiting from the #ChocolateMilkContest sponsored by Runner's World, Men's Health Magazine, Got Chocolate Milk, and Women's Health. I love a good mail day.


Guess what bridge?

Do you know what time it is?
I was looking for some photos and realized that over the last two years I have been able to run in some amazing places including Barcelona, Paris, London, New York City, San Francisco and lapped the Taj Mahal. A couple pix reminiscing some of those great runs.

Seeking Boston Seeks Barcelona

Seeking Boston Seeks Singapore

Seeking Taj