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Ty and Liam's Next Race Haiku

Today is national Haiku Day. If there is a national day for beer (should be every day,) or pizza (once a week,) then there can be a National Haiku Day or "hashtag"


I've been hinting the last couple of days that the one, the only, the magnificent, Mr. Liam is heading to Colorado for our next race. I couldn't be happier. What date, what race pray tell?  Drum roll please...

I've Picked Our Next Race Liam and Rockies Revel My Heart is Happy

Thank you to Revel for working with me to get Liam registered as a Team Hoyt San Diego duo athlete. We will be running the downhill half starting in Evergreen, Colorado where my mom grew up and (hopefully) fly into Denver. Liam likes fast. I expect a lot of run friends from Denver out there with their cowbells! Woohoo! 

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