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Anatomy of 48 Hours of Business Travel and Running

This started as a tweet but I couldn't fit everything into 140 characters. Staying committed to a training program is tough enough, but throw in business travel and it takes a bit of planning and fortitude.  I'm in week seven of training for my first marathon with my special needs buddy Liam in Sacramento at the California International Marathon. Miles and pace are picking up as is my day job which is NOT running.

Before vacation, I had to cram in business travel from Denver to Kansas City to San Francisco, and maintain my training. Easier said than done.

Tuesday AM

5:30 AM alarm as I need to head to the airport no later than six.
I arrive with enough time to catch a crappy cup of coffee at the airport, buy a newspaper (real not fake) with a roll that is NOT in the marathoner's training diet.
Flight is normal and arrives in Kansas City on time. I head to the rental car lot as I've got a little over a marathon's distance to my hotel.
Meetings are not until tomorrow, …

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