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Sacramento's CIM Has Hills and a Few Curves

A few thoughts from seat 8A on my way to Sacramento for my first marathon with Liam.

My goal with any marathon is to finish the training plan healthy and able to show up on race day. While Sacramento's California International Marathon has a lot of hills, the tail end of the sixteen week (it was actually eighteen; I started a week early, lost a week on the calendar, thus had to repeat week ten) plan had a few curves or in my case, a few kinks.

In the case of Liam, he's faced more adversity than one can count. He's had over 100 brain procedures which leaves him under-developed in some ways yet full of life. He suckles a pacifier as developmentally, he still has that reflex. Inversely, he shows his exuberance around women with his one good arm when he smells, or hears a female within reach as a twenty year old young man might react.

In the two weeks leading up to CIM, Liam's parents are having to contemplate amputation of one of his pinkie toes. The toe next door has als…

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