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Windshield and Rear View Mirror: Seeking Boston Marathon 2017 Year in Review

Sorry for the delay in my posts. My year ended as it started. Rough. I had some fantastic things to reflect on in 2017 and a few exciting announcements going into the new year. Let's look in the rear view mirror and what's ahead of me in the windshield.

I started 2017 with my orthopedic surgeon suggesting I switch to cycling as I had degenerative arthritis and a little "bone-on-bone" action in my right swollen knee. I promptly suggested he try his hand at being a dentist. (an old joke but a good one.) I literally had thoughts of quitting the sport of running in January. Not defeatist, but a somewhat realistic view at least from my medical team.

I did try and rationalize if I could compete in races or ever get back to the Boston Marathon. After a while of feeling sorry for myself, I did what most distance runners do after a setback. If I was a heavyweight (or more aptly a lightweight) fighter, I may have been on the mat spitting up blood, and spitting out a couple Chi…

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