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My Ugly Valentine: A Labor of Love

Another misleading blog title post. No, my Valentine is not ugly; I'm still in love after 18 years in what I described as a torrid romance that lead to an equally torrid marriage. The ugly is the events and phone call last night that lead to "ugly crying" of my IRun4 run buddy's mother, Joan on her way to work the morning of Valentine's Day.

I've been waffling a bit on the race objectives this year despite having already notched a half marathon with my run buddy Liam; I was not quite sure what the target races were for the next ten and half months. As was the case with our first race; a casual comment in conversation lead to some great things; "We should race together! lead to a mere 5k at the Carlsbad 5000. "We should get our own blade (we did,) then, we should do a half marathon (we've done two now, Denver Rock n' Roll and Carlsbad Half Marathon.) Joan somewhere along the way mumbled, "we should do a triathlon!"

Triathlon's a…

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