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My COVID-19 Long Haul Nightmare

UPDATE: I've been talking to my childhood friend and NBC News correspondent Tom Costello about my journey. Tom included me in part of his story on new clinical trials from Eli Lilly last night (8/4/2020) on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt. More awareness around those suffering from long haul effects and potential hope with new trials. 

As I begin to write my first update in nearly two months, my chest is on fire. I've explained that it feels like someone set a leather wallet to dry out on the rocks surrounding a campfire. After an hour, pluck the wallet from the stones and insert it into my chest; that's what it feels like. The coins inside the wallet continue to generate heat. There's a smoldering effect that I can feel with each labored breath. 
I would say that's the toughest symptom I'm dealing with today, but you could fry an egg on my forehead. Today marks my seventy first day of running a fever. Not raging, but all but a few of those days hit 100-101. To…

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