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My Left Foot Part IV

What is it with me and my left foot? I'm once again in a stylish knee-high walking boot.


This would explain my conspicuous absence from these pages along with being temporarily out of work, then starting a new job which is NOT writing and tweeting and Instagram'ing about running all day.

First off, it's a short stint in the boot. A week to ten days. My foot had been bothering me in the same location as a fifth metatarsal stress fracture and a fracture fracture in the same spot in an ill-advised attempt at trail running a few years ago. NOT my forte. You might say I was in a bit of denial, but my race partner (and I) were jonesin' for our next race, but I have known for a few months the foot was not right. I feared the worst but got better than expected news from my normal ortho; Steadman Hawkins in Denver.

Insertion Peroneal Tendinosis

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