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Put in a Nickel and Get Out a Dollar

Life and running can be quite serendipitous.

I've written a lot about my run buddy Liam over the last two years. Perhaps serendipitous that I found IRun4 Michael through a man I've never met. Michael (unrelated to IRun4's Michael) from Run Nerds Rock. If you are a runner who spends any time online in the social blogosphere, you've seen him. I've never thanked him, but I am thanking him today.
It was around the time of my near-fatal triathlon crash, that I started to observe posts about Michael's run buddy on his Facebook and twitter. I saw the video of the first time he met his run buddy. I knew that this was something I wanted to do. I signed up and it normally takes a little while to get a match.

When I was out of the hospital and recovering, I emailed Carol from IRun4 and "put it on hold" as I could only walk. This was perhaps the best thing I could have ever done, as once I told her "go ahead" I eventually got matched with Liam. I won th…

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