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We've All Been Duped: AHCA

I had a great day, but it turned ugly as I learned the news out of Washington D.C. I just don't understand the partisan buffoonery going on laced with ignorance, racism, and hate. Go ahead and unfriend me or unsubscribe to my blog, but hear me out first. For all those that voted and gloated about the outcome thinking everyone's lives are going to get better, you've been duped. 

Yesterday, we took a giant step backwards in LGBTQ rights and today you really pissed me off by threatening to take away services my run buddy Liam relies on. Liam has had over 150 brain surgeries, is blind, has cerebral palsy, and severe scoliosis. He frequents hospitals like some people frequent Starbucks. 

He has what's known as a deeming waiver that helps his parents with his care. AHCA implements a block grant system and Medicaid waivers would be eliminated entirely. Liam has obvious pre-existing conditions and has exceeded previous insurance limits. His wheelchair alone is $17,000 and a teen…

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