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CIM Training Update: Camp Fire Puts Race in Jeopardy

Just a quick update on my journey to complete my first marathon with my special needs and IRun4 buddy Liam in Sacramento at the California International Marathon. With plenty of family in California, I've kept a casual eye on the fires in California and my heart goes out for those that have perished or suffered loss of life or loved ones. A "silly" race seems insignificant as it should compared to the devastation happening.

It wasn't until yesterday that between texts from Liam's mom, and my wife giving me a geography lesson that I realized Sacramento is in the epicenter of activity and if the race were this weekend, either race promoters would cancel or we'd have to pull out of the race. With even moderate pollutants in the air, Liam's lungs could not handle it. With complications associated with his Cerebral Palsy and severe scoliosis, he doesn't have the "lungs of a 20 yr old" that my allergist marveled at with my recent lung spirometer t…

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