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Fountain of Youth: Sacramento CIM Marathon Training Update

Life has been busy. Sorry if you've missed my written words, but vacation, new job, travel, and training for my first marathon in two years (when I thought I'd retired from that distance) has kept this blogger busy.

What is this about "fountain of youth" you ask? Running and marathon training can be a fickle thing. Certainly science, training plans, diet, and rest all factor into how well you feel any given day or more importantly on race day. As I've written here, I am in fact training for my fifteenth marathon and FIRST with my special needs buddy Liam in Sacramento in December. Gulp!

I have been using a modified Furman FIRST training plan which fundamentally only runs three days a week with cross-training the other days. The modified part is that I'm using an approach with my run days that mimics my best marathon (Boston 2013) with principles and training sessions taught by my old run coach (and world-class athlete) Benita Willis. This approach implements …

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