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Deadspin Kills Seeking Boston

For those tuned into the media world this week, you saw there was a revolt within the Deadspin writing staff who "flipped the bird" to new management (G/O Media) that insisted they convert to an all-sports format (regardless of your area of focus.)

On a related note, the staff at SeekingBostonMarathon received a similar harsh warning memo from G/O Media (as an that pronounced "Go" as in "Go F yourself," or G/O as in "get out?...I'm confused.)

Dear Sirs (sexist much?)

Upon review of your blog content, we found there are posts that are not consistent with an "all sports, all the time" format. While we appreciate most of your content is indeed about running, there's the "emergency shit in the Pizza Hut" post, "the last time I saw my dad in his underwear," and even though it's Halloween, your favorite Halloween costume has nothing to do with sports.

We understand you're injured and can't really wr…

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