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Top Ten Health Questions for Seeking Boston Right Now

I get a lot of the same questions with regards to my COVID-19 long-hauler journey (including, "what is a long-hauler?") I thought it would be helpful to provide my "Top Ten" questions and their answers since my story was covered on NBC Nightly News (coverage by Tom Costello.)  Answers first (ala Jeopardy style) followed by the questions.

The Answers1.  105*2.  Russian antibiotics and Hydroxychloroquine3.  The son of Donatella Versace and Steve Buscemi4.  605.  May6.  Yes, CPR**7.  Painting and Drawing8.  86, 929.  Russian antibiotics and Hydroxychloroquine10. Twenty one two weeks ago *** (Bonus Question) 11. 34,000 and UranusThe Questions1. How many days did your fever last?2. What are the the two most ridiculous suggestions you got to help with your symptoms?3. You've been injected with nuclear agents twice now for testing. Kinda like Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool. What actor did you most resemble after you were injected with Nuclear agents?4. How many times have y…

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