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Liam Rocks the Rockies

First off, an apology for the tardiness of my post. I never (never say never) travel on race days. The better the race, the better the party, and after my tenth race with the "Amazing Mr. Liam," we partied like rock stars at Denver's Milk Market and had to head off to Florida for work...leaving behind the GoPro video for this post and a three day trip turned into a two week trip. I digress, but now to the good stuff!

Liam and I completed our TENTH race together in my hometown of Denver. As you can imagine, traveling with two wheelchairs, medical gear, and never knowing what challenges may arise, we've largely raced in San Diego where my special needs buddy Liam and his parents (the equally amazing Joan and Fabian Gutierrez) live.

For the double extra special bonus, my daughter decided a couple months ago to sign up for her first half marathon to run with Dad and Liam. I didn't tell her how crazy that was with someone never having run more than five miles, but she…

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