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Seeking Boston Marathon Update: Back on the Shelf Plus Some Good News

For those that have been clicking these pages or looking at your inbox for an update, my apologies. Life has been absolutely crazy (some good, some challenges and over 83,000 flight miles this year) and another (gulp) forced layoff due to injury. I'm long overdue for an update so here we go...


Let's get this out of the way first. (Subtitled, "It's a Bitch to get Old.") I visited my ortho yesterday for my second steroid injection in my back. I have a combination of Scoliosis, Ankylosing Spondilits (a form of arthritis that leads to fusion of the SI joints--which explains some of my low back pain,) and some vertebrae other words, a hot mess with a large dose of denial. This is on top of knee issues, feet issues and a history of a few stress fractures, a bike accident (that lead to four broken ribs, collapsed lung, and torn shoulder labrum,) hip labrum issues, and deep emotional scars from Jr. High and High School related to all my social awk…

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