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My Italian Miles

If you've ever wanted to go to Italy or fantasize about running in exotic lands, this blog post is for you.

In the old days (before my time...or according to my history books) when a family went on vacation, they would take photographs and convert them to slides. You'd print them off and invite everyone over for a torturous journey as the cassette spun through a seemingly endless journey projecting on the screen. I won't subject you to that, but will share a few amazing moments from the latest chapter in "Where in the World is Seeking Boston Marathon?" (Subtitled, where did my Garmin go or where did my Fitbitcount my steps?)

The answer to that this month was Italy! I've been fortunate to have toured many great countries included parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa, but never made it to Italy. This trip was the "brainchild" of my wife's (thank you honey) that instead of filling the base of the Christmas tree with pointless gifts, we'd "sca…

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