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Savannah Bridge Run Race Reporter Outrage

UPDATE: On Friday December 11, 2019  Thomas Callaway turned himself in and was charged with sexual battery. He posted a $1,300 bond.

There are days when I have hope and more often lately, a sense of despair when it comes to humanity in our country. This last weekend, a WSAV female reporter was doing her job and live broadcasting the start of the Savannah Bridge Run in Georgia. At the start of the race, everyone is full of hope and smiles just as Alex Bozarjian was.

Alex looks to be about the same age as my 24 year old daughter which makes this even tougher to process. The race video clip which has gone viral shows people swatting at her hand holding a microphone (which she handled with grace) but then an older male runner veers towards to the side of the road and promptly swats her on the butt. Classy. Hard to find the right words to describe my reaction as a runner and a dad, but "vomit forming" and disgust come to mind.

The "internet police" have swarmed to the y…

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