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End of the Road For DailyMile

Just as there was MySpace before Facebook, DailyMile was first and dominated (or seemed they did at the time) of combining run community with an online log of run, swim, bike, and walk activities.

Last week, a long-time run friend of mine, Brian Adkins (more on him later,) posted on Facebook that DailyMile was finally shutting down on March 20th, 2019. Out of nostalgia and curiosity, I decided to fire up the "flux capacitor" and log in one last time assuming my credentials worked. They did and indeed it was a wild, time-traveling look into my DailyMile past.

On my landing page, I was surprised to see people were still posting, but many had dropped out like I did in recent years. As I scrolled through some of my posts, I saw friends like Ellen from Colorado whose tiny profile photo I recognized of her high-kicking off a rock.

There were lots of friends I spotted who I've been run friends with for almost ten years including "SugarMagnolia," (Becca,) Vern, Sharla …

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