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Do You Remember Your First Pair of Running Shoes?

One of my favorite lines is I have socks older than you. In the case of my daughter who's all of 24 years old, that used to be true before Marie Kondo sparked joy in my dresser drawers. More aptly, for this post as I approach my TENTH race with the amazing Mr. Liam is "do you remember your first pair of running shoes?" I certainly don't. I do know my first brand I fell in love with and qualified for my first Boston Marathon was ASICS.

If you've been keeping track of the going's on around here, my daughter Nikki is jumping into that tenth race (REVEL Rockies) with Liam which will be her first half marathon. While she has good run genes from dad and her grandma, she's never done much more than a turkey trot or a Santa "fun run" with dad.

While my blog emphatically states, "I'm not an expert, nor a coach," I'm all she could afford so I've been promoted from dad to coach. I have to admit, I'm loving it, and it's inspiri…

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