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Runner's Social Distancing Bingo

It's day two of the Coronavirus COVID-19 quarantine, and we are all going crazy. The good news is we can go outside, the bad news is the gym is verboten. You may have young kids or a mother-in-law at home. To avoid killing each other, providing a healthy diversion, and to try and maintain your sanity; as a community service, I offer you the free "Runner's Social Distancing Bingo" game.

You can thank me with clicks, shares, follows (Instagram and Twitter) and not re-posting inaccurate information. Don't post pictures of you hugging friends and saying "this is America, I can do whatever I want!" And please follow CDC and WHO social distancing practices.


For those that can't read the fine print; the bingo items are;

1)  Re-post your last race (Again) to Instagram
2)  Run to the Grocery Store to find toilet paper
3)  Cruise the Peloton web-site
4)  Run without a Snot Rocket
5)  Re-Arrange Run Sock Drawer
6) Browse Athlinks race history
7)  Run …

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