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How to Run on the Road When You Only Have Shoes

As Runner's World "Badwater" Bart Yasso is getting ready to retire, I recall one of his bucket list running items (from his book, "My Life on the Run") was a nude 5k. Bart also recalls running with a burro in the same book. Not sure anyone wants to see me running with a donkey or sans run clothes. I nearly checked off a "frosty" nude 5k off my list when I discovered on my 5,000 mile road trip last week I'd severely "under-packed" for my work week.  #doh

I was clearly suffering from "crowded brain" as I was dealing with a flurry of work-related "stuff" as I packed for a Denver to San Jose to Chicago to Toronto to New Jersey to Denver (all over four days) gauntlet.

Work, home, holiday stress I'm sure clouded my brain as did a few aches and pains (knee, foot, back.) Near the brutal end of this ugly itinerary (with only myself to blame,) I had a five hour gap before my final meeting of the week at 3:30 PM in New Jerse…

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