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Mad Vax

I could ask how we got here, but we all know why masks and vaccinations became a deadly political "hot potato." It boils down to one individual who played a selfish and deadly game by going "against the grain" of the best medical advise in the world. Along the way, he created a "cult-like" following that ignored the best medical minds in the country (and world) and demonized recommended measures. To say it frustrates me or infuriates me to have people minimize a deadly pandemic and the recommended measures of experts is an understatement. In my latest video blog, I address the elephant in the room. How we got here. It's important (before you watch the video) that I grew up going to church and voting Republican across the board. I voted for both Bushes (don't hate on me) and Obama both times. I hate the political "badminton" that's being played with people's lives. I don't hate religion or the QoP, but I do believe we'v

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