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Liam Crushes His First Half Marathon

The big weekend finally came. As I wrote about in "Make Mine a Double," the incredible journey that started out with posting a sweaty selfie once a week on Facebook for my IRun4 buddy Liam snowballed into creating a race relationship with a special kid that's hard to put into words, or as I've said, "every time I put in a nickle I get out a dollar."

Liam has hydrocephalus, scoliosis, cerebral palsy and is blind and confined to a wheelchair. He has never walked. Having worked with Adidas recently on a #GiftedByAdidas social media campaign, I reached out to them and asked if they would perhaps send Liam a swag bag or shoes for the big race--the Denver Rock n' Roll Half Marathon. I continue to learn more about Liam. As I was trying to pull off getting something for Liam, I asked his mom (Joan) what his shoe size was. "Size six youth," was her response explaining that since he's never walked, his feet never really developed. Adidas delivered w…

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