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Giving the Gift of a Marathon

Flashback to the month leading up to what I thought was my last marathon, the New York City Marathon in 2016. I had my last long run of twenty miles in Seattle and my knee went a little "wonky." I'd seen it all when it comes to run injury and as usual, I headed to the ortho to rule out anything serious and get the "green light" to run another one of my dream races, the New York City Marathon.

It wound up not being serious but it was not something that rehab or treatment could alter. My doctor recommended (again) switching sports as I had some bone-on-bone cartilage issues in my knee. Since 2016, I've adjusted my training to shorter runs and a mere two days a week. Not exactly the formula for marathons. I was resigned to the fact that I could still run, but marathons were likely in the rear-view mirror.

Since 2016, my special (in more ways than one) relationship with my I Run 4 Michael buddy Liam has become a larger part of my life and focus from my athletic…

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