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Old Guys Rule: Runner's Guide to Podium in Your Forties and Fifties

My mind is still sharp (debatable) and my competitive drive has not waned. The slight problem is that age and miles have "piled up" a bit since I started running. Runner's World Magazine had an article (Five Things No One Tells You About Running as You Get Older) where Deena Kastor talked about the same thing where she offered her perspective and some guidelines around running (competitive or recreational) as you age.

I won't lament my litany of injuries. I will however talk about some positive trends and encouraging results including my second podium of this year this last weekend. After the New York City Marathon, I visited my ortho with a right knee that had "ballooned up" and his diagnosis did not change; I have some cartilage deterioration and arthritis in my right knee (after more x-rays, the issue is in both knees.) The young doctor (who's also a runner) asked if I'd consider biking instead of running. I asked him if he considered being a den…

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