Are You Seeking the Boston Marathon?

Are you registering for the Boston Marathon this week or still chasing your first BQ?

A little over five years ago, I started a blog entitled "Seeking Boston Marathon." At that time, I had not qualified for the most prestigious and sometimes elusive race in the land, the Boston Marathon. The post was brief, and like all novice runners, I threw out a reference to Run Forrest, Run! Today, the Boston Athletic Association opened up registration for the 2015 Boston Marathon. As they have done the last couple of years, the fastest qualifying runners get to register first and are all but guaranteed to get in.

Based on my 2014 BQ time of 3:23:55, I get to register this coming Friday. While every single Boston Marathon has been special, I haven't got enough of the unicorn elixir. After eleven marathons overall, six BQ's, and four Boston Marathons I've raced in, yes, I am still seeking Boston Marathon.


  1. I'll be signing up on Friday as well! I qualified in April with a 3:25:14 with my 8th marathon. So good luck and maybe I'll see you in Boston!


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