Need a Laugh Monday: Dad Detective and Bad Facebook

Dad Detective

I love playing dad detective.
Dad: "What's this blue chalk on my ottoman!?"
( answer in the house.)
One son walks over, gives fake perplexed look on his face and walks away.
Later I discover homecoming event meant aforementioned son came home covered in blue paint. Ironically the same hue of the paint matches the hue of the blue tainted ottoman.
I re-confront the teen and ask him "why didn't you tell me you rubbed paint on my ottoman?"
Son: "You said it was chalk."
Yes, technically I was looking for the blue chalk culprit, but one would presume a son would fess up to the paint. #not
Once confronted,  he starts to tell a story about it was some kind of accident. The "boy who cried wolf" story doesn't hold water. Perhaps came home from school and sat down to kick off shoes. Paint transfers in the process.
Case solved, but ottoman is still blue.

Bad Facebook

You probably already knew this, but don't ever try updating your Facebook cover photo on your mobile phone. After my alma mater beat Boston College IN Boston, I thought I was updating to this;

It turned out looking like this. I mean I love the CSU head coach, but not in that way...or that much...not that there's anything wrong with, you know what I mean.


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