Three Things Thursday Near and Far

Random thoughts for three things Thursday.

No Pain, No Gain

This week marked the second work travel trip since I busted up my ribs in a race. Saturday will be ten weeks from my accident. Sadly, I am still in quite a bit of pain. I am also running out of the "really good stuff" for night time pain management. I will explore some options next week with a consult with the Dr. The good news is that six weeks ago, it took narcotics every two hours to sleep through the night and I couldn't sleep on my stomach or side. Now...1-2 pills gives me 4-5+ hours of sleep and I'm at least attempting some side and back action. I'm not ready to start running, but hoping that I'm close.

Waiting Back Home

I fly home in the morning and understand I have a "treasure trove" of prizes awaiting from the #ChocolateMilkContest sponsored by Runner's World, Men's Health Magazine, Got Chocolate Milk, and Women's Health. I love a good mail day.


Guess what bridge?

Do you know what time it is?
I was looking for some photos and realized that over the last two years I have been able to run in some amazing places including Barcelona, Paris, London, New York City, San Francisco and lapped the Taj Mahal. A couple pix reminiscing some of those great runs.

Seeking Boston Seeks Barcelona

Seeking Boston Seeks Singapore

Seeking Taj


  1. Ty Godwin! I have visited Taj Mahal before my bus tours dc with my wife. It is the most beautiful place. The building construction is spectacular. It is also the best place to capture Monument images. In world lots of charming and interesting tourist attractions but but no one matches the building.
    Ty Godwin! I want to know about your shared first images. Would you like to share information about this bridge?

  2. Thank You for sharing your journey. The good and the bad. I hope you have a speedy recopy I bet it feels like its taking forever . Things can get weird but after you get better you will have a great story right. Keep smiling

    1. Thanks Gloria. your words, and everyone else's words of encouragement help a lot.


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