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When Long Covid Combusts into Turbo Cancer

It's been awhile since I've updated the social universe beyond the snippets on x (formerly known as twitter ) and Instagram on my cancer journey (see Feb post. ) Or better named, "how much can a man take over four and half years of Long Covid and now stage IV cancer?" So here it goes... Yesterday was supposed to be my sixth and final chemotherapy session for prostate cancer that spread throughout my body in the bones; mainly pelvic bone pain, ribs (ironically located in the same area where I had my triathlon race accident--four broken ribs in 2014) and other areas.  I'll get back to the "supposed" part later in this post. The last two months have presented a cumulative effect of the chemotherapy which was expected. "Virgin Territory" is treating and dealing with cancer on top of Long Covid. I'd say that the first four chemo sessions were somewhat "mild" (if that's a thing) as I was dosed with anti-nausea medications so that pa

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