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Return to the Land of Lakes and Healing

Minnesota is known as the land of 10,000 lakes which also produces Minnesota's "State Bird" which is the mosquito. To be exact there's actually 11,842 lakes according to the "Cliff Claven" part of my brain which is easily distracted these days. This would explain the bizarre factoid start of this blog. It is also home to arguably the best health care in the world just north of Minneapolis in the small(ish) city of Rochester.  I returned to the "Land of Lakes" for my second round of my healing journey at the Mayo Clinic . It has been a bit of an "up and down" ride to say the least. As I mentioned in my last (April) post , I have tried super hard (is that good grammar) to remain positive and focus on my healing journey instead of belaboring or counting all my symptoms each day. Having said that, I'm human, and the Long Covid journey can be a wild ride. Some positives, I now can say that I'm "vaxxed" or should I say, &q

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