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If you've followed my posts this month, you'd know that this is my favorite time of the year (other than April which is Boston Marathon month.)  This holiday season has been one to remember.  Here's my recap of the best gift I gave and the treasure trove of run and tri gear I received this Christmas.


Aside from the pair of Tory Burch shoes that were under the tree for my esposa, the most rewarding gift started out as a pair of $45 canvas Toms for my daughter who's a senior in high school.  Toms seem to be "all the rage" at her school and Toms knows how to take full advantage by pimping out and bedazzling the simple shoe into all types "blinged out" footware.  No doubt, there will be a fashion show the first day back to school and  the girls will be comparing which flavor of the popular shoe they each got.

With the idea prompted from my wife, I hand painted the pair of white canvas shoes with a Disney "Little Mermaid" theme.  My daughter visited the "Magic Kingdom" several times while growing up, and say what you will about Disney princesses, she is one in daddy's eyes.

Hard to say what was more enjoyable...painting them, or seeing her expression when she opened them.

Canvas Toms: $45
Paint supplies: $18
Labor: $1,700 (took forever and I'm not cheap)
Satisfaction for dad and daughter: Priceless


In terms of my run world, this holiday season has been equally rewarding.  I started out last week hearing that I'd been nominated by #runchat as the "Funniest Blog of the Year."  Honored, humbled, and a sense of reward just to be nominated.  A great early Christmas gift.  If you didn't vote, you can still vote HERE.

In terms of what was under the tree?

For the second year in the row, I got the Runner's World calendar from the in-laws.  As if I didn't already have "running on the brain," this is a great calendar with run locales, run tips, and notable races marked each month.

From Foxfit, I got a new foam roller.  My current (famous) foam roller is sitting in the corner of the family room looking worn out and a bit jealous with the new high-tech tool taking its place.  This one has a higher density of foam, and is shorter than my other so it will be fit to travel!  Also included in my stocking from Foxfit were two of their over-training cremes. #sweet!

For my tri persona, I got a new pair of Speedos and someone must have read my holiday gift guide, as I got a new pair of Balega running socks.  Lastly, I bought myself a new pair of ASICs GT2000's for my upcoming training schedule.  The GT2000 is re-engineered and replaces the 2170 that's slightly lighter yet provides stability for the bulk of the training miles.

As they say, it's better to give than receive, but this year it was rewarding to do both!  Happy holidays to you all..what run or triathlon gifts were your favorites?


  1. Wow. I must say - I'm usually very jealous/ impressed by thoughtful running gifts, but those shoes you made for your daughter just take the cake. Amazing - well done!

    P.S. My hubby went to Tory Birch too (good choice!) - new dress and cardigan for me! :)

  2. A man of wisdom with many talents!

  3. Awesome gifts! And I just voted for you. :)


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