Funny Bone

I was happily blindsided this week, by being nominated by #RunChat as the funniest blog of the year.  I started my blog three years ago to hold myself accountable to the internet to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  Along the way, I re-discovered my passion for writing, poking fun at myself and the sport.  My blog disclaimer says that I'm not a Dr. or a coach--go somewhere else for that.  Here at SBM, you will find the lighter side of marathoning and my new found passion for triathlons.

It's a cliche, but I am thrilled just having been nominated.  If you feel compelled, take 15 seconds to vote (in all categories)  HERE. Voting ends today at 8ET.  Your academy award of running blog nominees are;

Perhaps such classics as yesterday's Napoleon Dynamite Marathon Training Tips, Why Triathlons are Like Frat Houses, and I Was Beat up by a Ballerina helped get me a nomination, or maybe people thought they were voted for the funniest looking blogger?  Nevertheless, get out and vote HERE. 


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