Napoleon Dynamite Marathon Training Tips

Napoleon Dynamite spent last summer in Alaska hunting wolverines, perfecting numchuck skills, and learning the art of marathon training and racing.  Napoleon along with Pedro and his brother Kip share some of his learned "skills" in the educational video below.

(Author's Note:  Many of my blogs refer to movies and great one-liners that parallel life.  One of our family's favorite movies is Napoleon Dynamite.  We will rattle off one liner's or go into character in the car, "I wish I was back in the '82" and crack each other up.  The boys are especially amp'ed for the debut of the animated T.V. series on Fox this Sunday..."flippin' sweet!" 

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On your next long run, don't forget your tots.)


  1. I voted for you on runchat ... love you are 'flippin sweet"

  2. Love the movie too!!! I nominated you on #runchat was that not enough? ;) Okay....I will vote for you too...Gosh!!!!

  3. I know you love technology;
    But you're in the wrong field, you see
    You still love technology;
    Always and forever.

    Hey, that was flippin' awesome. Best day of my life, what do you think? Can I use your guys's phone for a sec? I need my chapstick.

    LOL! Great job! Now go do some sweet jumps!


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