Boston Marathon Rock Lobster

Okay, okay, I have issues with monogamy when it comes to shoes. In the dating world of shoes, I
sleep around alot. I was recently "Outted" by my wife as being a bit of a shoe slut. I went out of town, and she needed my car.
From the airport, I see an Instagram post that went viral on the family and friends channel. I have a lot of shoes in the back of my a lot a lot. They all have a special place in my heart; sponsor shoes, four-wheel drive shoes (with sheet metal screws,) everyday running shoes, race day shoes and with the days counting down to the Boston Marathon, quite possibly the baddest of them all. Brooks Running was kind enough to send out their Boston-themed version of the Launch 2.

Each year at the Boston Marathon, each of the major shoe companies compete for the coolest commemorative shoe. This contest may be over before it started with Brooks lobster shoe. Let's start with it shipped with a foam lobster claw which I'm sure will be on my son's hand for much of the marathon itself. Inside the normal shoe box, the bright lobster-red shoes came wrapped in a white fisherman's net. Aside from the bad-ass lobsters, there's the blue ocean midsole, laces in red and white reminiscent of fisherman's rope, and wood lace aglets that represent the fishing traps used to catch lobsters.

I must admit, the words "Red Lobster" conjures up images of the restaurant, cheap date, and indigestion however these lobster shoes rock! Right on Brooks Running!

Why can't the people that designed this shoe replace the morons that design the Adidas celebration jacket every year? People might wear it beyond the few days past the marathon (see last year's creamsicle disaster.)


  1. "Why can't the people that designed this shoe replace the morons that design the Adidas celebration jacket every year?" YES. (of course Adidas knows they have an audience that will buy it no matter what - I would have bought last year's if it was my first year, and I'll be buying the *swallows hard* purple with orange trim very soon)

    But I actually would prefer even more they simply stick with the classic blue/yellow stripe and just change the year info every year!

  2. i didn't get a foam lobster claw with my shoes! sad day ...


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