Meme Monday: A Champion Gets Up

I got an email from my favorite Aunt Marge this last week with a quote from (famous boxer) Jack Dempsey which is inspiration for this weeks Meme Monday.

"That was you the day you crashed.  Luv You, Marge"

My aunt was not just referring to my crash resulting in four broken ribs and a collapsed lung. She'd heard that after I wiped out roughly 1/3 of the way through the first of three laps, I gathered my composure, grabbed my water bottle which sprawled to the other side of the street, and got back on my bike. This was after telling the nearby officer that I was "okay."

I rode for two miles (roughly) to get to the transition area completing one of three laps. My breathing became even more constricted, and my bike was in even worse shape. I pulled off to the side of the road just beyond the first lap where the medics (and subsequently) the ambulance showed up. The overlay image above shows the bloody elbow that started to pool onto my padded tri bars.

I'm now entering my fourth week of my triathlon rehabilitation. Last week's progress report (including link to original crash post) can be found HERE.


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