What to do with the insurance check?

As we've talked about here, my Trek Speed Concept 7.0 bike was totaled in my last triathlon. Obviously, I have largely focused on the healing process, but bikes are not cheap and I went through the process of filing a claim through my homeowners policy. Thanks to Traveler's Insurance, they came through with a settlement of roughly $2,100 if I just "cash the check," or can get up to $2,900 with reimbursement if I buy the same bike (at that price) or a comparable bike (or slightly nicer) up to or exceeding $2,900.

As a self-proclaimed runner turned triathlete, I need help from my more experienced triathlete and cyclist friends. Please take a few moments to fill out the below or comment in the blog comment section.

Buy new, surf Craigslist? Trek, Specialized Shiv, Cervelo, Quintana Roo

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  1. I'm partial to Cervelo. My P3 is the second cervelo I own. My road bike is also a Cervelo, ha ha.


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