Beating Your Kids

Okay, so perhaps my second shock blog headline of the week. No, I don't beat my kids in the "beating up" literal sense, but my competitive spirit extends within the family. Tomorrow I will be racing my son in my third triathlon of the summer, and fifth (?) head-to-head match-up. We have both been competing in triathlons and running the last three years and he now works practically year-round on his trade. He has gone through a huge growth spurt in the last year as he approaches his sixteenth birthday in October. We started a father and son "official" rivalry back in 2012 as he "talked smack" about how he was going to beat me in a race. That didn't happen.

We have both got faster in the last year as he's grown and got coaching through Teens That Tri here in Denver and for me with my running coach through Working Class Athletics (Benita Willis.)

My son didn't beat me in that first race in 2012 and has yet to beat me in a triathlon or 5k. Don't get me wrong. I want him to beat me at some point as he's emerging in his sport and in theory, I'm in my "twilight" in the sport, but I'm not giving it up easily, or gracefully for that matter. Once he passes, me, I'll be looking at the back of his race jersey the rest of my life, and I'm okay with that.

Tomorrow is the Rocky Mountain State Games Triathlon in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We will both compete in the Sprint distance. Bring it on little man!

Have you competed with your kids in a race? How do you manage the competition?

This will also be the third race in my series of "Runs For Lungs" honoring my brother Tom who passed away last month. Miss you Bro! Will be thinking of you again tomorrow. Donate to the Lungevity Runs For Lungs Fund HERE to help kick cancer's butt!


  1. Just found your blog by searching through the Runner's World cover contest entries. I love the poster in this entry. My wife and I are about to have our first child and I hope to be just as competitive against him in 16 years! Also love reading up on your Boston experience. I just qualified last fall and hope to run my first Boston in 2015.


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