Negative Nancy

Something has really been bugging me and I gotta get it off my chest. My blog is named after the Boston Marathon and that is where my heart is, but one of my other favorite "circle the calendar" races is the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half (GTIS) marathon here locally in Colorado. My original Seeking Boston Marathon logo is even based on a photo from one of my previous PR races there.

Last year, I had to withdraw prior to the race due to some injury and lack of training issues. As I wrote the race director, my body would not be able to endure a rigorous downhill half. Stephen told me "no problem." Fast forward to 2013. Last month as the August race was approaching, I emailed the race director to remind him of their promise with no response. I try again and get a response from the NEW race director saying politely, you're not racing, but your money went to a "good cause." And...oh, by the way, the race is sold out.

I bite my tongue and tell myself, "let it go," but can't help but think about the rental car agent in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. You're F*cked. (skip the clip if you're adverse to the "F bomb."

Another few weeks go by, and I scour the internet for an alternative race the same weekend in my home town. I find one.  

Only issue is that it is a mere 333 miles away and six hour drive away in Ouray,
Colorado. I am a stubborn male; therefore, I book the race. I am not going to NOT race this weekend I tell myself. I am prepared to make lemons out of lemonade and make the best of it. I book a nice hotel in Ouray for the night before and night after the race to "make a weekend of it."  

All is good back in my run world until I read the posts on my run team's Facebook page last night. A previous winner of the GTIS posts that she trys to get an elite bib, but was denied by the same rental car agent (I mean race director.) An employee of one of their sponsors "banked on" getting one, but is also shut down.

The thread on the Facebook page continues with good Samaritan offers to "give" their bib to this runner (then subsequently me) since they're not running--one is coming off injury. I offer to email the race director and surprise, surprise, she comes back with;


Registrations are non-transferrable. Sorry.


"Negative Nancy" is batting 1000 in the denial department. She must think she's running some "big city race" like Boston or New York. I haven't had this much rejection since high school. I wonder if Nancy turned me down back then ? I will move on and race my race in what will hopefully become my NEW second favorite race and NEW Colorado favorite race in Ouray at the Mt. Sneffels Half Marathon. I'm sure they'll be happy to see me show up.

What is your opinion of injury deferrals and bib transfers in a race?


  1. That's really... well, fucked. If you have an e-mail, they should have honored it. Additionally, who the fuck will know if someone is running for another person? I think GTIS is missing the boat. They did a $15 registration earlier in the year and will probably have plenty of no-shows or under-trained runners. I ran a half in Westy a week and a half ago and they had better post race food, gave out prizes and were better equipped to handle the amount of people. Good luck to GTIS runners, but overall it sounds like it went from a good family friendly race to a fucked up ego driven one. I thought I'd add some more fucks to your fucking awesome clip.

  2. It really bothers me how races can be so "no, no and no" about things sometimes. Life happens, injuries happen, things happen that make us have to change our plans. The whole no deferral or no transfers is simply a way for them to get money- regardless of if anyone actually runs with that original bib#. In my head RD's are runners, or used to be runners- but I question that with how "un-runner-friendly" some of them are

    1. Agree totally Laura. The ironic thing is that this is considered a "local" race. They blew it by offering an opening day anniversary special at $19. It went viral, and they sold out or oversold. They're probably not making much money this year which only aggravates the situation.

  3. I didn't even catch the fact that the woman works for "Marathon" rental. How ironic is that!?


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