Throwback Thursday: Ugly Runner's Feet

Just when I thought my feet could not get any uglier, they did.  After two downhill half marathons this summer (the last one this last weekend,) there's no danger of me becoming a "foot model."  I have some damn ugly feet.  I guess I came to this realization at the bank this afternoon when my daughter told me I shouldn't be wearing my sport flip-flops--in other words, cover those ugly pigs up.

With that, I thought I would re-post "The Runner's Feet Who Came to Town" from my #30DaysToBoston #photochallenge.  This one was one of my favorites as it mimicked a Hitchcock movie poster (The Birds.)  Yes, my feet scared my 18 yr. old daughter and as shown in the poster, sends young children scrambling.

Since this film has been out for awhile, you can see that even the New York Post thinks, "Those are some damn scary feet."


  1. So while I've failed in my participation as the week has gone on, the spirit of the retreat has been really good for me--I've made some great progress on my WIP. So thanks for that :) Hopefully I have some time for both the retreat and my WIP tomorrow and Friday!


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