Hair of the Dog

Lloyd: What will you be drinking, sir?
Jack Torrance: Hair of the dog that bit me, Lloyd.

I have a good friend who's a running encyclopedia of movies quotes. We trade quips from movies which often relate to our lives. The "Hair of the dog" from the Shining movie just fits for two reasons;

1) Until two weeks ago, I'd never run a triathlon. I ran it and (imagine that) I was critical of what I could have done better so I signed up my second TRI in the month of August this coming weekend. I was warned this could be addicting just as Lloyd's libations were to Jack (Nicholson) in the Shining's hotel bar.
2) Luck of the draw stuck me in an older (and isolated) hotel in Chicago. As I was debating beers in the empty hotel bar or getting my swim in, I did the healthy thing and opted for the pool. Second reason? this pool was downright creepy.

I'll leave out the hotel brand name because it's where my Gold (almost Platinum) status resides, but let's just say it rhymes with Charriott. This one is in need of a face lift as it sports old furniture with that green and burgundy hotel flowered carpet that smells like your aunt's hope chest. ("I see dead people...")

I walked past the aforementioned hotel bar en route to the fitness center and
pool area. The cavernous path lead to a huge yet empty workout facility and pool. I was saying to myself, this place is kinda creepy.

I got my laps in as I've lately been packing a swim suit and goggles along with my running gear when I travel. My stroke and lungs felt pretty good and got 40 laps of the approximate 15 yard pool. Odd was around 8PM yet no one showed. This place was massive and I had it all to myself...had Delbert Grady (caretaker of the Overlook hotel in the Shining) disposed of the other guests?


At the end of the pool was some lattice-covered ductwork capable of concealing cameras, victims, or gushing blood. Next to that was the rescue hook...which slasher film had the creepy dude in the rubber fishing outfit that maimed his victims with a similar hook?

I escaped alive to write this in my hotel room (no it wasn't room # 237) and starting to get into my pre-race zone. Just like Jack Torrance who had a rough night and asked Lloyd for the "hair of the dog," I am getting back on the horse (or should I say bike) after half drowning in my last TRI and asking for the "hair of the dog" as I'm running my second Triathlon in as many weeks.


  1. I love "The Shinning", I've been to the hotel it was filmed at in Colorado and any post that has this many references is sure to be a fav too. Glad you survived both the stay and swim and looking forward to your next tri recap!

  2. Multi-talented folks run in our family and YOU are definitely one of them! I am so amused by your writing skills. Have you written a book yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

    ~VA Cuz


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