Love/Don't Love

I borrowed this blog idea from RedHeadRunning (I only wish I'd thought of that blog name considering I'm a red-headed runner,) who borrowed it from Christy from 25 Before 25. What do I love/don't love?

Two and a half months without marathon training and no marathon on the calendar planned. Missing my second favorite race (Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half) due to my layoff. Not love.

From SeekingBostonMarathon

Newfound hobby of mine to temporarily replace the adrenaline rush of marathons? Triathlons. I was warned that they might be addictive. I have my second triathlon within a month planned this coming weekend. It just might be love.

Podium in my first triathlon. Love.

Construction project in my courtyard that has my hot tub under wraps and cutting into my physical therapy. It was supposed to be a one week project (yeah...right) that's now into the third week. Not love.

I have fallen in and out of love with the NFL over the last 12 months. I have to admit, with the prospects of Fall right around the corner, I'm looking forward to some football. What's better after a 20 mile training run than a little football on the couch. Love.

Coming to the realization that my iPhone4 does not have Flash support like my previous Droid did. Further realizing that many sports sites are flash based? Not love and a little pissed.

Lawyers. Not love.

TrueBlood Episode 7. Getting the head scratch massage from my wife during the episode? Love.

If you have followed my DailyMile, you'd know that many of my runs have been on the road due to business travel this year. I have run some ugly routes and literally run the rubber off some crappy treadmills. Last week, I was able to catch one of my Chicago favorites running through the Herrick Lake Forest Preserve. Crushed path in a preserve? Run bliss. Love.


  1. I hope you're able to wrap up that project soon for your rehab needs and True Blood? You? I never would've thought!

  2. Good post. I wish that the iPhone supported Flash too. My brother says it doesn't because Steve Jobs hates people. haha


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