You know you're a marathon addict when...

1) When you're driving and see a runner on the road, you either slow down to check out their form and pace or feel compelled to honk.
2) Your trunk looks like a running swap meet. The back of my car still has winter gloves, old shoes and usually at least one running outfit. Have you ever had to run in dress socks because you forgot your running socks? Extra everything in my trunk most of the time. Whatcha gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside that trunk?
3) You look at new shoes online or in magazines with the zeal of a 13 year old boy who's not spending his time online looking at shoes. "shoe porn."
4) You look at the marathon schedule within 48 hours of just completing a marathon. You really feel like an addict on this one. Your body is trashed, you need rest, and you're looking for your next running fix. Run junkie.
5) You are scheduled for 800's, show up early and the track is iced over. Instead of blowing off track day, you improvise and run 800's in a Target parking lot. True story.
6) You not only know what a "snot rocket" is, you're pretty good at at. Directional aim separates the rookie from the rude runner.
7) You check out Kara Goucher's run gear on her magazine cover before you check out Kara Goucher.
8) You actually know who Kara Goucher is, and know how to spell her name.
9) You know how many miles you can run without BodyGlide on the toes or nips. My over/under is 10-12+ miles.
10) You know what temperature warrants singlet, short sleeve, long sleeve or more.
11) You have run every "out and back" possible from your house and you're sick of most of them having run them waaaay too many times.
12) You've run after 10PM because you haven't got that day's scheduled run in yet. I'm a morning guy, occasionally a nooner, but rarely after 5 and almost never after 10. I have done the hotel treadmill after 10PM. Talk about "dreadmill." Not fun.
13) Your first hobby is running and your second hobby is writing about running.
14) You have an entourage. Running physical therapist, chiropractor, running club, running coach, massage therapist, dietician (haven't got that one yet,) exercise physiologist, Naturopathic Dr.and sometimes therapist. You could say I've "pist" a lot of money away on this sport. One expensive sport. If you're in your 20's, this list is much shorter.

What makes you a marathon addict?


  1. With the exception of a trunk full of running gear, I can [X] subscribe to all of that. I can add "obsessing about my pace" and "running merely to aim for a most regular mile pace", figuring out how to eat and drink while running without stopping and not having to worry about peeing while running to the list. If I thought about it longer, I might come up with more ;-)

  2. All of the above, plus 15) you plan family vacations around/for races you want to run...

  3. Love it!!! I def qualify for pretty much all of them... well except the nip chaffage. :)

  4. Let me know if you are having trouble posting comments.

  5. Okay, well apparently I AM a running addict. :)
    1. When I see other runners on the side of the road, I am ALWAYS comparing their form to mine to see where I can improve.
    2) My trunk currently has all my spare running gear should a running opportunity present itself: 2 x shorts, 1 x tank top, 1 x short sleeve, 1 x sports bra, 2 x socks, 1 x 2nd tier tennis shoes.
    3) I have a running shoe bucket list. Its sad.
    4) I have my next YEAR planned out. :)
    5) We don't get too much ice in South LA.
    6) I'm a snot on my sleeve kind of girl
    7) Was surprised to see Kara Goucher decked out in all Nike on the cover of Runner's World.
    8) I have a total girl crush on her.
    9) My under/over is 7 miles. After that, my feet get doused in Bodyglide.
    10) I know exactly what I can get away with in any weather and be comfortable.
    11) I've given up on my neighborhood. I now run in other people's 'hoods.
    12) This one isn't me. :( I'm scared to run in the dark by myself.
    13) Yes, and yes. See my blog. :)
    14) Oh, I've got my running peeps...PT, running coach, cowbell ringers, sign holders, moral boosters, etc. Don't know what I'd do without them!

  6. I am guilty of most of those as well.

  7. I can relate to all of your points above.... so funny -- there should be levels of addicts because I do know Kara Goucher, but my friend Matt knows every "famous" runner and gets his pic with them whenever he gets a chance ! Real story.

  8. Love this! And I desperately need some new "out-and-backs". :(

  9. Hah, I just posted a "You Know You're A Tri-Nerd If" post on my blog and its very similar. :) Except, I LOVE my normal neighborhood loop. I'm a creature of habit like that.


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