On the eve of Thanksgiving Day here in the USA, while many of us want to hit the giant reset or "do-over" button on the mess that is 2020, we will gather around the table on Thursday to raise a glass and propose a toast. This year you hopefully don't have to encounter "Uncle Eddie" in person on his fifth bourbon wanting a creepy hug leaving you with scents of bourbon and Old Spice cologne. Many (should) be gathering as a single or dual household or by Zoom. We all know it sucks, but many aren't around the dining room table this year so we need to count our wine glass as half full if we're able to raise. 

With that, my gift to you is Seeking Boston Marathon's 2020 Runner's Thanksgiving Toast Cheat Sheet: Covid Edition.

I am thankful I can still write (and draw, and paint,) even though I cannot run. I feel guilty carrying around ambassadorships for all of 2020 and there's not enough of the right words to express my thanks for your support this year.  My last long run was in March and my last run mile was in May due to my ongoing complications as a Covid "long hauler." Alas as a marathon runner, I'm determined to overcome obstacles and get back to running. As it stands, it's a long ways off. 

If you can still run, log a mile for me to work off that second slice of pecan pie I plan to eat. 

And PLEASE, follow the CDC guidelines for Thanksgiving


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