An Imperfect Ten

Ten. A perfect score. An absolute beauty. Bo Derek in braids and Nadia scoring six perfect scores at the Olympics while baffling the scoring table. Baffled as they lacked a decimal point on the digital display to provide her true scores. It has also baffled my doctors as my long Covid journey continues as I hit an imperfect tenth month since I got sick. Baffled my doctors in the sense that they can't explain over 150 days of fever, the burning in my chest, or shortness of breath. There's no treatment.

Along the way of those feverish days, I've had a 105 day fever...that's one hundred and five straight days with a fever, not a 105 degree fever. I've been injected with nuclear agents three times for imagery of my lungs, heart, and full-body PET scan. In other words, I am Deadpool just as Ryan Reynolds seeked treatment and was injected with similar toxins to rid himself of disease. Ergo, my weak veiled attempt to compare myself to Ryan Reynolds.


You might ask, how long have I been writing about running or my run blog that's turned into a Covid ward? Ten months on the later, and eleven years previously writing about running. You'd have to go further back (Bo Derek and Nadia are your clues) to when I first took a pen to paper to write about my journeys; on my high school newsmagazine at Arapahoe High School in Littleton, Colorado. While I went on to the glamourous field of technology sales (#sarcasm) instead of acting, starting a gin company (oh, wait, that's Ryan) my co-editor went on to a successful career in journalism and produces the local "The Denver Channel: Denver 7 News." Holly reached out and asked if I would be willing to share my story.

Since I'd already shared on NBC Nightly News and locally on Colorado Public Radio (CPR,) I wasn't sure my story needed more ink. This is not a race story (although there are parallels to marathon and endurance events,) so I wasn't quite sure about once again opening up about something so personal. I had my reasons in part because of (sadly) the politics in our country lied, stalled, then mocked the common sense act of wearing a face mask. I wore my Run Rabbit, "Vote" performance tee and I wasn't short on words on my political opinions about our country's inept response to the pandemic but that wasn't the point of the story.

Aside from political angst, I felt people needed to know the potential long term effects from Covid. If they listened to my story, they might think twice about picking a fight on Facebook over the government violating your civil rights. Oh puh-lease! If you landed on the beach of a leper colony two hundred years ago, and they suggested, "ya might wanna wear a mask," you'd wear two of them. My story (link HERE,) and below from Scripps.

As I've said before, I don't want your sympathy, but I do want you to wear a mask. I don't want you to rely on memes on Facebook for medical information. Try these guys below. Peace out. My Covid Marathon continues.

#peaceout #wearamask
#peace #love #namaste


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