How to Run on the Road When You Only Have Shoes

As Runner's World "Badwater" Bart Yasso is getting ready to retire, I recall one of his bucket list running items (from his book, "My Life on the Run") was a nude 5k. Bart also recalls running with a burro in the same book. Not sure anyone wants to see me running with a donkey or sans run clothes. I nearly checked off a "frosty" nude 5k off my list when I discovered on my 5,000 mile road trip last week I'd severely "under-packed" for my work week.  #doh

I was clearly suffering from "crowded brain" as I was dealing with a flurry of work-related "stuff" as I packed for a Denver to San Jose to Chicago to Toronto to New Jersey to Denver (all over four days) gauntlet.

Work, home, holiday stress I'm sure clouded my brain as did a few aches and pains (knee, foot, back.) Near the brutal end of this ugly itinerary (with only myself to blame,) I had a five hour gap before my final meeting of the week at 3:30 PM in New Jersey. Instead of killing all that time in the airport, I booked a nearby airport hotel figuring a workout in the gym, nice lunch, knock out some emails before "rocking" the final meeting of the week.

The only problem was the only thing in my roller bag were my trusty Hoka One One shoes. Scheisse!

I was NOT going to be denied a workout. My back was sore and figured my body needed the workout to hit my quota for the week, loosen the back up, and alleviate some stress. Improvisation was key, so I started with an old trick of mine and that's folding black dress socks (once on) back over my heel into my arch which achieves two things;

1) Hiding the fact I'm wearing calf-height dress socks. #nerdalert
2) Not exactly Balega cushioning, but a little extra with the doubling up on the heel.

The final effect if done right has the appearance of a short crew but I was clearly in violation of my own "Gym 101 Rules."

The shorts were problem number two in that I didn't have any. I toyed with my Google search to find either a 24 Hour Fitness nearby (none convenient between Newark and my late afternoon appointment) or running store to pick up a pair. I opted for the Renaissance Hotel Newark and a pair of swim jammers I had in my travel string backpack (for the rare occasion there's a hotel pool, I always have this in my travel bag.)

You're starting to get the picture.

I finished the ensemble with a Putin "I voted" (U.S. Election) cotton t-shirt I picked up in a New Jersey gift shop.

No, no, and no. Shockingly, there was no selfie, but I'd say it looked like Richard Simmons raided a Hoboken yard sale to get in a Jazzercize class. No, I told you I didn't take any photos, but plenty of people in the hotel stared long enough to warrant, "take a picture, it lasts longer."

I was able to work up a fantastic sweat (leaking out the sushi I had in Toronto the night before--sorry to the woman in the gym...that was downright nasty,) helped hit my "number of days" weekly workout quota, and provided pant's wetting laughter to the parents of my I Run 4 Michael Buddy who laughed at the drawing (depicting my fabulous workout outfit) and admiring my determination and creativity for getting a run in.

Do you have a similar story to share on your determined workout? Please share and comment!


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