My First Distance Race in a Year: Signed up for Runner's World Half & Festival

The trend of “I can’t seem to catch a break” on breaks has turned a corner. “Breaks” as in over the last year I’ve had as many walking boots and fractures in my left foot as I had girlfriends from Jr. High to graduating college. That answer would be two. That's also the piddly number of races I've been in over that same time span.

I won’t belabor the breaks, but a stress fracture diagnosis knocked me out of the 2015 New York City Marathon. Hard work and rehabilitation lead to a tune-up 5k race (more like a fun run) and my first (and only) triathlon of 2016 (and a podium!) in May. I promptly celebrated with my wife on a trip to Sonoma over Memorial Day weekend. I should have known better than to have gone on a trail run above a cemetery, but alas I fractured the same foot “rolling” my foot on a rock. I returned to the walking boot, time off, then another round of rehabilitation. At one point, I returned to running (obviously a bit too soon,) then went back in the boot. Bear with me...the story gets better.

Fast forward to August and one of those emails that you wonder, didn’t they read my “A Run With Runs is no Fun” post? I’m not always the commercially popular or politically correct blogger. I also haven’t been able to write a whole lot about running, but Runner’s World Magazine asked if I would like to be an “Influencer” at the Runner’s World Half and Festival sponsored by Altra in Bethlehem, PA October 14-16, 2016. As my young son (at the time) would say, “is that a legitimate question?” Hell to the yeah I would! After saying YES, I wondered, “how can I influence other runners and bloggers when I can’t run yet?” More hard work was the answer.

I have been using a modified version of the Furman FIRST marathon training plan thinking there was still a chance I could run (not race) the New York City Marathon via injury deferral in November. "Modified" training meaning a heavier emphasis on the cross-training (lots of swimming, biking, and eliptical,) but working 6-7 days a week versus 5-6. Over the last year, I have sought out the nation’s best run physical therapy at Steadman Hawkins in Denver. A minimum of three days a week, I have busted my (skinny) ass working on core, hip, and leg strength. Meb (the run whisperer) also drove this passion for strength after reading his book, “Meb for Mortals.” I also took a radical step with my nutrition (along with my wife) and turned my diet upside down with a Whole30 program. I don’t know that it’s ideal for runners, but it’s altered my diet (after the 30 days,) and I am at my ideal race weight and leaner than I have been in years. A lean, mean, starting-to-run machine!

I know, I know, you’re probably tired of hearing about all my injuries over the last two years, but I keep tripping over the “dumb luck” rock (in the case of Sonoma…it was just a rock.) I can’t ignore the fact that my near fatal crash two years ago in a triathlon (bike course) has created a ripple effect of injuries that’s lead to one hand’s worth of races in total over two years.

I’m convinced to put all that behind me with the good fortune of the Runner’s World invite. I am being smart, (again,) working hard, and ramping up the training to represent Seeking Boston Marathon “come hell or high water” in Bethlehem. Two weeks ago, I ran the furthest I’ve run since May—thirteen miles. I followed that up with 16 miles last weekend. This week? Yassos for the first time since May and the foot held up well! Yassos are my favorite speed workout…appropriate given I will have the chance to run with their namesake, Bart Yasso next month. I’m coming for you “Badwater Bart!”

Join me, Bart, and these other Influencers at the Runner's World Half and  Festival. (Save 10% by using code: SeekingBostonMarathonBlog)

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  1. Yay! Glad to hear you're back at it. And the FIRST plan has gotten me through a few races when running 5-6 days a week was not the best plan for me.

  2. It's hard to keep a good man down!! You go Ty!!

  3. Yo, catching up with your blog at the moment. I think I already said so on Twitter but congrats on battling back from injury as well as being selected to race at RW Festival. Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. Can't wait to hear all about it!


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