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I volunteered at a 4th of July yesterday and after the race, I was hanging around near the finish when an odd sight caught my eye. An adult male runner walked behind the row of post-race food which had the typical ice-water and bagels, but had the added bonus of Noosa sample sized yoghurts. I happen to be a big fan of Noosa as a local Colorado product that is all natural and boasts some insane flavors (my favorites are Key Lime and Tart Cherry...yum.) Ok...I stopped my drool glands and back to the controversy; the man walked up to the baby wadding pool full of ice and dwindling supply of yoghurts and grabbed what looked like 6-8 containers of Noosa. Hungry, or perhaps taking yoghurt back to his five friends sitting on the grass in the shade?

I dismissed the gluttony and went back to soaking in the post-race activity, then hopped (on my one good leg) onto my bike to head out of Denver's Washington Park to head for my car. There was the same guy with his wife (or partner.) Both of them had grocery bags full of the post-race fuel.

I'm hoping that this guy had some legitimate reason to have hoarded so much of the food. I should point out that they ran out of Noosa while runners were still filing through the food line after the race. Perhaps he had just lost his job...or he was collected food to take to the homeless? Regardless, this one had me stymied. I didn't feel it was my place to call him out on it, but perhaps on these pages, we could consider the ethics of over-indulging at the food trough when you may be taking food out of another runner's mouth.

What's your view, "total d-bag move," or "not a big deal?"

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  1. Okay, that's a bit selfish of the guy. My first instinct would be to say, "Wow, what a douche." Then my second thought would be, "Maybe they're down on their luck." If they're truly down on their luck I feel bad for them, if he's being a jerk and just taking the freebies, then... haha... what integrity he must have! And he has to live with being "that guy." Haha, it's kind of funny, haha. Is he a raccoon? I mean REALLY! Who does that?

  2. I think he lacks integrity regardless of what his circumstances are! How selfish and deceitful to steal from those who were counting on having more than what they found available when they completed their run. Had the man spoken with someone and shared his plight (if he indeed has one) he MAY have been surprised by the lengths the collective group would have gone to in order to provide assistance. I think his actions resemble the 'entitlement attitude' that far too many folks have today.

  3. I've taken a bunch of food (a few items) if it was obviously the end of the race and there was plenty and/or it was offered. However, I've come in with the back of the pack on a bad day and found nothing but warm water, which sucks. I'd never intentionally do that to anyone else.

  4. yeah i'm gonna go with total d-bag move. It sucks when you finish a race and all the food is gone. Even if down on their luck, did he not run the race which costs money? could have spent the money on food so i'm going to say not cool.


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