Do Marathons Ever Move Indoors?

Boston got hammered again in the last 48 hours with snow. Let's hope it melts by next month's Boston Marathon. Locally, the trails are covered in snow in Denver and more snow is showing up today. How has your winter training gone, and at what point do you move a run indoors?


  1. I do my intervals at an indoor track during the winter. Other than that I move the occasional run to track when it gets really cold, I've done half-marathon distance three times at the track so far this winter. I save that for the really cold days because I would still prefer putting on an extra layer and running outdoors to doing laps at the track.

  2. I never move my run indoors. I've been streaking since November 2013 in NJ and have run every single mile outdoors. It isn't ideal if I'm looking to do speedwork, but other than that I'm still able to keep the mileage up. Whatever weather Boston throws at us next month, you won't be able to say I didn't train in it (well, maybe except for freakishly hot weather like in 2012).


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