Best Father's Day Gift Ever

Happy Father's Day to all my running friends out there who are fathers. Hoping you had a great day. I was able to have brunch with my wife and three kids and got four great gifts. Coffee from my oldest son's favorite coffee shop, a magnetic tri belt, a triathlon book entitled "Your Best Triathlon," and a deck of cards. Not any ordinary deck of cards, but "Fifty Reasons (her brother lost two of the cards and fifty is a nice round number.) as to Why You're the Best Dad and Why I Love You" from my daughter.

The video of all fifty reasons are below.

Fifty Reasons as to Why You're the Best Dad and Why I Love You (from my daughter;)

1.   You're the best dad in the whole world.
2.   You provide for our family.
3.   You always put us first.
4.   You're a big goofball.
5.   You can make anyone laugh.
6.   You have a great "Shrek" impression.
7.   You're a ginger like me.
8.   You're handsome.
9.   Except when you're bald.
10. You kinda look like Grandpa Tom.
11. You can pull off a scarf.
12. Fit the HR (Highlands Ranch) stereotype. (I'm not sure about that.)
13. You're also a hipster.
14. You have a super cool running blog.
15. You have more twitter followers than I do.
16. You run marathons.
17. You're fast.
18. I can't even run a mile and you do marathons.
19. You've done Boston like five times. (Actually four.)
20. You also do triathlons.
21. Glad you get to do those with (son) Keenan.
22. You're a great step dad.
23. I think you would agree.
24. Remember when...
25. You let me dress like this...

27. You took Jesse and I to see "Splice" (really bad movie.)
28. You actually always take us to movies.
29. You used to put us kids in the courtyard when we fought.
30. You used to take Jesse and I to Chuckie Cheeses.
31. We used to have soda and cereal in the house.
32. You used to make me drawings. End of "Remember When."
33. You're a great artist.
34. I always brag about you to my friends.
35. My friends love you.
36. You're always welcoming of guests I invite over.
37. You call me "Goosey."
38. You also make fun of me.
39. A LOT.
40. You've always been supportive.
41. You always make me proud.
42. You've been a great dad to Jesse.

44. You always figure stuff out.
45. You often put us before you.
46. I'm proud to call you my dad.
47. I'll always be your little girl.
48. I love you so much.
49. the moon and back. Happy Father's Day.


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