Things I Have and Have not Done

Today's blog is a guessing game.  Guess which one of these events is NOT true about yours truly.

1.    I've been skydiving.
2.    I went back stage at an "Air Supply" Concert and "rubbed elbows" with Chuck Norris and Priscilla Presley.
3.    I've worn a toga...several times..."commando" style.
4.    I pierced someone's ear once with a thumb tack and a potato.
5.    I snunk into a football game without a ticket under the presumed "will call" name of "Dale Hill."
6.    I once wore cod liver oil on my lip because I was told it would help grow a mustache, but it just grows acne.
7.    I have run 5:40 Yassos (half mile repeats.)
8.    I once changed a gas BBQ tank while the burgers were cooking so I wouldn't disrupt the "flow" of the party.  Not recommended as I nearly burned the house down.
9.    I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue.  It was my best "bar trick" and got me at least two dates.
10.  I received a personal massager as a gift to my wife...from my mom...last month.

I should have some kind of contest or giveaway as to the correct answer since apparently that's what bloggers do.  I don't do giveaways (nearly enough,) I don't have sponsors, and I've never been skydiving.  It was however my fastest ever Yasso day on Tuesday.  Apparently, it is possible to get faster in your old age, #bostonstrong


  1. Wouldn't 5:40 Yassos equate to a 5:40 marathon? I'd buy 5:40 miles from you, but not 800s.

    And I thought only chicks did the "tie a cherry stem" trick.

    Man, I'm so negative! So much for THAT new year's resolution!

    1. David: I didn't follow proper Yasso etiquette as I listed my paces, not my times. My Yasso times were; 3:04, 3:02, 3:01, 3:00, 2:58, 2:54, and 2:51. As for the cherry stem, it's too early in the morning to have a clever response to that one other than I've never seen a "chick" do the trick and it's one of the two things I remember from college. The other was the Budweiser beer slogan which I can still recite (while tying a cherry stem with my tongue at the same time.)


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