Shame on You Rolling Stone

I was enjoying some speed work on my lunch hour at the gym today.  Joy turned to sickness when I saw a familiar face on T.V.  Just as I'd seen the face pop up again last week in the news as legal proceedings began with the second coward captured in the Boston Marathon bombings.  Ninety days ago, everyone in the running community was affected by what happened on Boylston.

I ran Boston and finished the marathon roughly 50 minutes before the mayhem began.  I was two blocks away having just reunited with my wife.

After Boston, it took me awhile to get life back to normal as I had a delayed reaction to what tragedies transpired.  My wife and I both struggled with normalcy.  I eventually decided that I would not cave into cowardice and would begin to celebrate what was my best marathon yet which happened to be at the ultimate race, The Boston Marathon.

I am shocked and repulsed by Rolling Stone magazine's decision to place a terrorist on the cover of this month's issue.  Rolling Stone is not a news magazine.  It is a music magazine that idolizes the masters of the music industry.  I understood the coverage of these individuals at the time of the event with news-related publications.  Placing this coward on the cover of Rolling Stone only glamorizes him.  It makes me sick.

My two sons are both musicians and we have issues of this magazine in our house.  Those issues are going in the trash.  We will no longer spend money with the morons that decided this cover and article is somehow appropriate.  I don't want to know the position of the article or what was written.  I won't buy it.  Shame on you Rolling Stone and Jann Wenner (publisher) of this garbage.


  1. Shame on them is right. I love that stores are refusing to sell the magazine and that the Mayor of Boston wrote a letter to them as well.


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