Boston Baked Beans

Hot stuff, hot tamale, hot pants, hot shot, she's hot, hot as a half f__cked fox in a forest fire, Some Like it Hot, hot lips Houlihan, and forecast for Monday's Boston Marathon?  Hot.  What to do.  First off, as my blog's name indicates, I am back to "Seeking Boston Marathon" as my 3:30 in 2011 was good enough to BQ, but not fast enough to get in.  I'm racing in three weeks to try and exorcise that demon.

Running through the heat in Chinatown
But enough about me.  Today the BAA announced that it would be taking extra precautions and adding extra water along the race for some forecasted blistering heat.  In an unprecedented move (that's not true, they did the same the year of the Icelandic volcano eruption that prevented several european runners from getting to Beantown) the BAA has offered runners the option of defering their entry to 2013

As Napoleon Dynamite said, "what the heck would you do in a situation like that?!?" (referring to the attack by 50 wolverines.)  As tough as it is to get to Boston, this is a tough one.  Holy dilemma Batman!  This is also a very personal decision and don't listen to me (please defer to my PRE photo and blog disclaimer, that I'm not a Dr. or a coach, but I do play one on T.V.)  As light as I try to make my blog, running a marathon in that kind of heat is some serious shit...people have died from this as one did in Chicago in 2007.

I didn't run Chicago in 2007, but I did run it in 2008 which was equally hot.  Not always known for being smart, I was aware of 2007 and when I went out for a 2 mile jog the day before the race around 10 AM, it was already toasty.  I knew I was in for a hot one.  Definitely singlet weather.  What I remember about that race, is that I have never ingested so much liquid in a race.  I also continually doused myself in water later in the race.  Not the kind of wet t-shirt contest I had in mind.  As my wife cheered me on around mile 24, I sneered at her like Regan did to her mother in the Exorcist (was that the second exorcism reference in this blog...creepy.)  I came up two minutes short of a BQ on a stress fractured leg.

Source: AP

That story is not meant to depress those running on Monday, Chicago was one of my favorite and more memorable races including ripping my shorts before the race even started by hopping a fence into my corral.  I guess my point is, I took the precautions necessary and had a great race.  As the BAA officials are stating, it's probably not a PR day, but Boston is a monster that rarely offers a PR opportunity to begin with.  As my running club coach often reminds me, you train in all kinds of weather because you can't change the weather on race day.  Just see my waterboarding race report from Portland, where it rained heavily the ENTIRE race--that sucked, but it provided another BQ.

Which brings us back to deferral.  For me personally, I have run on a broken leg in a race so I'd strap on my Brooks and run it, but that's just me (consult disclaimer again.)  That window of opportunity does not come very often and you don't know what your calendar or health will bring to you a year from now.  Flu, injury, aunt Elyssa's wedding.  Too much left up to chance.  Watching from home, it's easy for me to say, I'd run and try to enjoy it (with a LOT of water) as I don't know what tomorrow brings.


  1. Good question...I think I would still run it though. After training for it and waiting and wanting the race, I'd still just make it fun. Hopefully people aren't out to PR Boston though!!

  2. Nice post Ty. I agree with you that I would run the race and just taper down my expectations. There are tons of people who would run in any kind of conditions - rain, snow, heat, etc. - to run the Boston Marathon. But I also realize that it is a bit of a health risk, so I can see why the BAA is offering the deferral. I guess in the end, it is a personal decision, but I would be out there running if I had the opportunity. Like you said, you never know what is going to be going on in your life a year from now - I wouldn't want to have missed out on the opportunity due to it being warm!

  3. Does that mean you are going to run Monday? Take it easy and stay safe! Proud of you!

  4. The deferral is different from the volcano year. This year you MUST pick up your number at the expo to defer. If you looked at the forecast and didn't bother to come, then you cannot get the deferral. Not sure how many people fall into that category tho!


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