Three Things Thursday: Vegas, A New Running Book, My Next Race

1) Wondering where I've been?  Vegas plus the flu equaled low mileage this week.    I was in Sin City earlier this week and was supposed to turn around and head to Philly today.  My body rebeled and said, no flight, no running, and back to bed and get some rest.  Sometimes rational wins over passion.  I was able to get in a pretty cool run on the strip before I left (a little lighter in the wallet.)

2) A new running book!  Torn between running more miles (with a Pfitzinger plan that runs up to 70 miles a week over an 18 week plan) or smarter miles?  A lot of variables with this one, but if you're closer to 50 (years not miles) than 20 which I am, and you've had overtraining and fatigue issue, I'm leaning towards the later.

I'm 70 pages into Runner's World's "Run Less, Run Faster."  How can you resist a title like that?  The book is based on a scientific approach that values three quality runs in a training week vs. trying to log as many miles as possible.  Granted, the three runs are not for the casual runner as they push you fairly hard.  Those training runs are complemented by two days of cross-training...hmmm...could that forced summer off from marathon racing have been some kind of divine intervention to raise my bike and swim game in preparation for this?

I'm not 100% convinced that it's going to be my plan come January, but it's leaning that way.  I'll keep ya'll posted.

3)  What race?  I threw it out there to many of my virtual running friends on what race to run instead of Boston this Spring as I came up Maxwell Smart on the Boston Marathon ("missed it by that much.")  You voted, I listened, and I'm leaning towards a BQ friendly course with the Colorado Marathon.  Plenty of downhill and it's on my home court (Colorado!)  The "close second?" The Flying Pig in Cincinnati.  I may wind up running (not racing) the Pig half to satisfy my desire for a really fun race, after a determined Colorado Mary.


  1. Spike uses the FIRST plan, you might check in to that as well. We also picked up the Run Less, Run Faster book, hoping to test it out once I'm back up and running as less will be more for me right out the gate.

    You better put Colorado Marathon on notice so it knows what's coming in May!!!


  2. Morgan: The Run Less, Run Faster book is based on the FIRST training plan. Many success stories listed in the book. A good read so far.


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