I Punched Tempation in the Nose

I'd fallen off the wagon. A mere eight weeks ago, I was in peak running shape having just completed my fourth marathon in 10 months. Suffering from exhaustion, over-training, and a wicked pain in my left foot, I put myself on a running sabbatical. While I focused on cross training and strength training as a substitute, my diet went into the toilet...poor timing with the first of three gluton holidays on the calendar.

I'd like to say, I've put on ten pounds of muscle, but my inner runner freak feels I've put on ten pounds of fat. Temptations were all around me; the Thanksgiving menu with all the trimmings, stress, and a few business trips with less exercise and more dinners. The "final straw" was the running devil delivered a goodie vending box to the office this week. No mas! Today kicked off my first day back running followed by a healthy Larabar and Vitamin Water after the lunch run. Running devil..I spit on you! Ptewey!


  1. Wow, I'm really glad I don't have that staring me in the face all day at work! Good for you for resisting.

  2. Sweet, you're back on the wagon!

  3. Funny! You added 10 lbs of training fuel!!!! Burn it up!


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