Big Video

We have all ordered the pictures at exorbitant prices from our most memorable marathon or many of the races we've run. I don't know about you, but most of the ones I've bought have landed in a file folder. I have some in a shadow box with my medals, and have given a couple to my parents. Some are more memorable than others; my first marathon in San Diego with a noticable slump in one shoulder as I was grimacing in pain and getting passed by some old dude 20 years older than me is one example. I ordered a few from Boston last year; the incline of "Heartbreak Hill," in front of the Natick church, and the finish with me clutching my medal, heat foil blanket and banana.

Better than a still photo, I got a DVD delivered to me a month after my latest race in the Portland Marathon taken by my sister's family. (click Vimeo image) Capturing video requires planning where to catch the runner on the course and having the thumb hover the record button when you think their expected pace will have them cross the "waypoint." I have my sister's brother to thank for standing in 3.5 hours of rain to capture some "big video."

The video shows two clips; one at mile 13 on pace (3:15 finish) with the 3:15 pace group leader's sign leading the pack in search of their latest PR or BQ finish. The second clip was at mile 25 and shows the much slower pace and grimacing pain of the last mile of a marathon.

Both clips have the incessant rain falling which was a "first" for me. I've run in the snow, I've run in drizzling rain and sleet, but never 26.2 miles in a steady downpour. Waterboarding?

Needless to say, it was great to have such strong support at the race and even more meaningful to have the DVD show up a month later to relive the wet BQ that Portland was.


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