The Face of Long Covid

I wish I had better news. This last week took a turn for the worse. Backing up a couple of steps; a few weeks ago I had a rough evening with shortness of breath. I went to bed and woke up at 2AM with what would normally result in waking up my wife for a ride to the emergency room. My chest was in pain. My body was clammy. I thought I was having a heart attack.

Since then, the insanity that has created sleep nightmares in my feet has migrated to my chest. That's not entirely true as I hit the bathtub again last night with feet and chest going berserk. I now have convulsions or spasms in my chest when I exhale; more often at night but now creeping (the right word) into the daytime. Previously, Mayo Clinic had shared that my chest pain may in fact be small nerves going haywire (neuropathy of fibromyalgia) but they have not seen the spasms I've described in other long covid patients. Despite my diligence in recovery and focusing on my wellness journey, I have not felt well.

Nevertheless, I'm off for my third trip to Rochester for a few tests/appointments including a EMG (Electromyogram) and a cognitive test. Rub your rabbit's foot for me.

Along my journey, I met a photographer through Facebook, Dayne Pillow. Dayne is a fellow Covid long-hauler and has been taking portraits of long Covid sufferers. Dayne was featured on a local KDVR TV segment talking about his battles and portrait series. Dayne struggled with our session as he has vertigo as one of his debilitating symptoms. Dayne recently completed my portraits and thought I'd share as I feel it truly captures the mental angst of my journey.


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