Seeking Boston's Social Distancing Race t-shirt Mask

Heading into the big weekend, wanted to pass along a big "Be Safe out there!" to all my run peeps along with a handy video on what to do with that giant stash of race t-shirts and "I'm bored with all the self-isolating (or social distancing) masks I've got." Combine the two and as the Guinness guys say, "Brilliant!"

Note: Try this first on some old t-shirts you don't care about. You can make several out of one shirt. As I note in the video, heavy silkscreen paint does not breathe well so avoid that, and don't "practice" on your target or best shirt. A little trial and error, but the only thing needed are sharp scissors (surprising how tough a tech tee is,) imagination, and an old race t-shirt.

Show me how your mask turns out on twitter or Insta! Ciao! and Namaste...


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