Runner's Social Distancing Bingo

It's day two of the Coronavirus COVID-19 quarantine, and we are all going crazy. The good news is we can go outside, the bad news is the gym is verboten. You may have young kids or a mother-in-law at home. To avoid killing each other, providing a healthy diversion, and to try and maintain your sanity; as a community service, I offer you the free "Runner's Social Distancing Bingo" game.

You can thank me with clicks, shares, follows (Instagram and Twitter) and not re-posting inaccurate information. Don't post pictures of you hugging friends and saying "this is America, I can do whatever I want!" And please follow CDC and WHO social distancing practices.


For those that can't read the fine print; the bingo items are;

1)  Re-post your last race (Again) to Instagram
2)  Run to the Grocery Store to find toilet paper
3)  Cruise the Peloton web-site
4)  Run without a Snot Rocket
5)  Re-Arrange Run Sock Drawer
6) Browse Athlinks race history
7)  Run  in a new park
8)  Make Race T-shirt quilt
9)  Subscribe to Runner's World Magazine, or Explain “hitting the Wall” to non-runner
10)  Mumble “it is Whiskey larry” around house
11) Follow Kara, Meb, Des, Shalane on twitter
12) Re-hang your marathon medals
13) Carb-load
14) Check on elderly neighbor
15) Don't be offended if ur the elderly neighbor
16) Finally start that rubber band water bottle thing
17) Burn calories in the bedroom
18) Order run shoes you don't need
19) Sneeze in your elbow
20) Say hello using "Runner head nod gesture
21) Watch Britanny Runs a Marathon
22) Play Britanny Runs a Marathon Drinking Game
23) Have one item in your Peloton shopping cart
24) Sculpt Bart Yasso using black toenail clippings. 

Looking for a training plan? Try David Dack's couch to marathon plan. 


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