Daughter of Seeking Boston Jumps into Half Training

Yes, you read that right. My daughter is joining me for my TENTH race with Liam in my home city of Denver for the Revel Rockies on June 2nd. This is a crash course on distance running for my daughter Nikki who has (up until a few weeks ago) never run seven miles; much less 13.1 miles. Her decision to "jump in" was six weeks out from the race so I had to assemble an accelerated "couch to half marathon" plan. Nikki had a decent base but had never ventured beyond the typical "turkey day" 5k race.

My plan for Nikki "bumped up" to seven miles two weeks ago and we met for the first time as "dad and daughter" for a long training run in one of my favorite locations, Denver's "Wash Park." I ran ten miles and figured I would be either waiting a while for her to finish or she'd drag herself in on the verge of tears crying and wondering what she got herself into. See the results for yourself in our video update.

For those that don't know Liam, I met him through IRun4 Michael which matches special needs individuals with runners. Liam suffers from Cerebral Palsy, Hydrocephalus, and scoliosis. He is blind, does not speak, and is confined to a wheelchair.  Ty and Liam race together with Team Hoyt San Diego. More on Liam HERE.


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