Liam is a Triathlete!

There are a number of words, labels, and descriptions that define my friend Liam.

Six-time tandem (duo) race athlete
Team Hoyt (San Diego) Athlete
Cerebral Palsy
150 brain surgeries
Infectious smile
Ferocious biter (I have the bite mark to prove it)
Ladies man
Music lover
Loves popcorn at the movies
Loves to race and GO FAST!!!

And a new one to add to the list...TRIATHLETE!

Words can't describe the exhilaration and joy I get from this kid and the accomplishment from last weekend's Spring Sprint Triathlon. Perhaps our race recap video will help you understand what a complete stud this kid is.

Want to capture some of this run gold yourself? Match up with a run buddy at I Run 4 Michael to share your runs with an online buddy. You can also check out Team Hoyt for chapters in your area. I'm partial to Team Hoyt San Diego!

The question now is, WHAT'S NEXT JOAN AND FABIAN? The sky's the limit.


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