Kids Don't Try This at Home: Ty and Liam Carlsbad Half Marathon Video Blog

As I write this, I'm still sick. Sick Day number one was somewhere around Christmas Day, 2017. My first "circle the calendar" race was scheduled last weekend at the Carlsbad Marathon.  My (I Run 4 Michael buddy) Liam and I were planning to run our fourth race together and our second half marathon in our new bad ass Team Hoyt Running Chair. Slight dilemma was that I spent four days in bed in the week leading up to the race. I've always generally subscribed to Runner's World advice on the topic of above the neck (ok) or below the neck (not okay) but felt good enough the night before to give it a go.

This was by far the dumbest thing I've ever done as an athlete. A close second was completing the first loop of my "crash" triathlon on a wrecked bike with four broken ribs and a collapsed lung in 2014 (recovery story HERE.) I do some colossally stupid shit. I should have not traveled to California and should not have raced thirteen point one miles.

Nevertheless, I did not want to disappoint my main man Liam. See the smile in the video below and you can see why I love this kid.

Heading to the Dr. for the fourth time in a month again on Friday. No more running until I'm well, but all worth it.


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