Altra Running: Six "Not so Secret" Race Tips

Once-in-a-lifetime races come...once in a lifetime. Last weekend, I had arguably the best half marathon I ever trained for and raced in. Thirteen months had passed since I last raced 13.1 miles or longer. Call it "comeback" or "redemption", I'm tired of all those terms...I was ready to race again. I joined nine other bloggers as "Blog Ambassadors" for the Runner's World Half Marathon and Festival in Bethlehem, PA this last weekend.

The experience of the #RWHalf was AMAZING and the bonus was an age-group podium award. Prior to the weekend, I had an idea of what it would take to get an age group award. As I nestled into the race start corral with the benefit of pace-group leaders, I placed myself (no pun intended) between my respectable finish time (1:40 pacer) and my stretch goal pace of 1:35. I ultimately passed the 1:35 pace group leader within the last mile and a half and felt fantastic. How did I pull this off? My latest VBLOG post and ultimate thanks to Altra Running for the magical shoes that propelled me to this finish.


  1. Excellent & informative. RACE TIP #6: Find a fast friend to race with. Thanks brother!

  2. NICE still aren't going to win :-)

  3. Love this!! Also... WHERE was this unicorn hand puppet during race weekend? He could have served as the official mascot of Runtopia!


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