A Run With Runs is No Fun

(inspired by real events)
A Run is supposed to be fun.
Fun on the run.
Run for fun.

This run was not near my home.
This run was not in my state.
This run was not very long.
But it became quite wrong.

It started with sun.
It started with fun.
Fun in the sun.
Fun on the run.
Run for fun.

It started so subtle
Something wrong with my butthole.
I could tell right away.
This feeling would stay.
Gurgles, gurgles would not go away.

My mind became curious,
Why my bowels were so furious.

This would not be air that came from my butt.
Dear God find me a bathroom.
Said the noise from my gut.

There it was.
A Pizza Hut.
Perhaps their bathroom would save my gut.

I sit, I sat.
At Pizza Hut I shat.
Sit, sat, shat.

I'll skip the details.
The smells and exhales.
But I left there much lighter.
My bung no longer tighter.
My hole no longer corked.
My cheeks no longer torqued.

An award winning crap.
Under my belt.
That nasty feeling.
I no longer felt.

Moments later I returned to run bliss.
When all of a sudden,
Oh no, the urge to piss!


  1. Hilarious! I've written posts about--umm---this, but none quite so creative? Who knew what would inspire such poetry? LOL


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