Worst Race Pics Ever

This was a great year for me and Seeking Boston Marathon, but not everything is "picture perfect."  Case in point, is the latest set of pictures from my last 5K race; the Highlands Ranch Turkey Day 5K.  The only redeeming part of these photos is that they depicted a PR and that I didn't have to pay for them.  I'm normally a "sucker" for digital race pictures--insert narcissist blog comments below or on my Facebook page.

I "page clicked" through several hundred photos to find these classics.  I wasn't hard to find since I looked like I was dressed in a rejected outfit from Dancing With the Stars.  You may ask yourself, what was he thinking when he walked out the door wearing that get-up?  Cold weather played "mind games" with me as I settled for a long-sleeve white shirt, flourescent headband, and matching/clashing compression socks.  I'm sure other runners looked at me like, "where's the Jazzercise class?"

It wasn't even so much the gaudy run clothing choice, but the finish line pose (I was not posing.)  You be the judge.  Nothing special about these shots including the fact that they're largely out-of-focus, and I've got some classic "O face" action going on or I was trying to get a hair off my tongue.

Caption contest candidates include;

"I bit my tongue."

"Hey Jerry, look at my new socks!" (Cosmo Kramer.)

"Look!  I'm a thirsty dog!"

"Can you tell it's cold out?"
Here's the one that's going on the Christmas Photo mugs for the people I really don't care for.  #bellyshot  At least the kid behind me had a great photo finish in his boxer underwear.

Pre-race pic wasn't any better.  "dorkus maximus"

By comparison, and to redeem myself, two of my most favorite race photos were from 2013.

Last turn down Boylston in 2013 Boston Marathon
Love this shot as it looks like I'm flying.  Slacker Half Marathon PR in 1:29:18


  1. love it! I would have to dig out some bad ones but I tend not to buy them.


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