Seeking Boston Marathon: By the Numbers

A look at the numbers in week twelve of Boston Marathon training with six more to go before the 117th running of the greatest race in the land.

262 and 2602:  Numbers of Facebook and twitter followers respectively I hit this last week.  I see 26.2 everywhere.

350: Number of miles run the last eight weeks preparing for Boston.

600:  Number of miles I will "crest" this marathon training session.  A new high.

23:  Number of consecutive days of training.  Didn't "hit" 25 as I was on an international flight.  Another new high for me.  Having always observed a "rest day," I don't know my previous number, but it' s not greater than ten.

7:30: My new lactate threshold at a 150 heart rate.  If the wheels on the bus go "round and round," this is where they fall off. Blog post to come.

40:  Years I went before I started running.

4:  Number of marathons I ran before qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

3:  Number of Boston Marathons I will have run assuming I "lace them up" this April.  The 117th will be my third.

50+:  Four.  As in the number of 50 mile weeks I've run in as many weeks.

13,946:  Number of miles I had to travel this week and last.  That's a long way to carry the running shoes to keep the training going on the road (Boston and Barcelona.)


  1. Finally someone who looks at the numbers like I do. Maybe it's because I am OCD and I think of a lot of things in terms of numbers. But anyways, congrats on getting into Boston first and foremost. And Secondly congrats on getting through training so far. Training for any marathon is grueling and time consuming but training for Boston can hardly be considered the same. I will be running Boston in 2014 ( I qualified after the registration period for this year), you'll have to let me know how it is!


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