Lost and Found Karma

If you found an iPod Nano with "SeekingBostonMarathon" inscribed on the back and googled this site wondering why "SeekingBostonMarathon" was inscribed on the back, congratulations!  You found my iPod.  If you are a runner that's seeking the Boston Marathon and cannot afford to buy a Nano, then I'll "pay it forward" and consider it a bizarre blog giveaway.  If you aren't a runner, don't know what the Boston Marathon is, and already have an iPod, then post a message on my Facebook page, and I'll gladly meet you to pick it up.  It was a gift from my wife.

If you ignore all the above, then I hope you enjoy the Glee version of Journey.  It was accidentally loaded on my Playlist, and you'll get a "jazz hands" curse.  Karma is a bitch.


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