Anna-Nicole's Christmas List

I have a number of passions; running, writing about running, "tapping" my creative side, my family, and the holidays.  When I retire from my day job (not any time soon,) I dream about spending time on all of these.  With my favorite holiday (Christmas) right around the corner, I thought I'd share my unpublished Children's book; "Anna-Nicole's Christmas List."  I wrote and illustrated this in 2001 and hand-bound a copy for her for Christmas that year.  I also had her narrate the book at that time which has become a priceless treasure to bring out the book each year and listen to the audio version. I found old audio and digitally remastered it for Christmas 2015.

I thought it was too precious not to share.  Enjoy.

Anna-Nicole was six at the time she recorded this, and is now a Jr. at Colorado State University. It's ironic that the book references running. "I want some new tennis shoes," exclaimed, Anna-Nicole. I was a mere two years into my new addiction when I wrote the book and five years away from reading a book about this crazy concept called a "marathon."  I no longer refer to them as "tennis shoes," but didn't know any better at the time. She also talked about wanting to go to Hawaii and on a safari to Africa...ironically, she's now done both.

If this doesn't melt your heart, you should check for a pulse.


  1. Love it ! My Holiday delight every year ! Love listening to this audio version..

  2. I am so tired tonight but had to ck my computer & saw this book you wrote for Nikki; I had to read it!!!!!!!!!!! Greatest book & such a great daughter that you have. She has a big heart & has never lost it. Thanks Ty

  3. I remember that sweet 🍬 loveable beautiful little girl and she is now GP's sweet 🍬 young lady ❤.


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