My Running Top Ten Thankful List

On this Thanksgiving day, the parade is over and the first football game has started. Most homes are filled with the aroma of the turkey cooking in preparation for the feast to come. With that, here are my ten things to be thankful for as a runner.

1) Okay to go for the mashed potatoes and gravy. You burned it off in the turkey trot that morning or on the "run of regret" on Friday. Go ahead and go for "seconds" and add in some of that brown sugar-laced sweet potatoes.

2) Body Glide. Put another way, my nipples are thankful they don't bleed after a long run. That's one area I'd rather not bleed from.

3) Destination marathons. Like to run? Like to travel? Book a mary in a great city. What a combo!

Moments after qualifying for the 2013 Boston Marathon
4) The marathon expo. It's the day before a race and you're already amp'ed up out of your mind with enthusiasm and anxiety. Like a kid in a candy shop, overstimulate your running senses in a hedonistic run experience.

5) New shoes. If you train for marathons, you're guaranteed to buy new shoes every 500 miles or six months. Hard not to feel fast in a new pair of kicks.

6) Family support. Training for a marathon means a lot of early mornings, lunch runs, and long runs on a Saturday where dad is not available to help with the kid taxi; swim lessons, martial arts practice, Pom events and the like. I'm thankful for the understanding Mrs. SeekingBostonMarathon.

7) A good massage. Only time I can have another woman massage my butt and not get in trouble with my wife.

8) My trusty foam roller. When the masseuse or chiropractor is not available. A normal travel companion on my road mary's.

9) A goo around mile 20+ of a marathon. Hammer Huckleberry tastes like a (guilt-free) slice of pie. #OMG Good stuff.

10) As the NFL continues to try and grow their empire, we have three games on Thanksgiving day. God bless America and the NFL. Sprinkle a little Macy's day parade beforehand and "that's what I'm talking about!"

11) I know this is a top ten list, but I can't help but add this one. I'm thankful to be running in my third Boston Marathon this coming April. It took me four attempts to notch my first. Thinking this would be an annual event, I qualified but didn't get in in 2012. I'm grateful to be heading back to once again drink from the BAA chalice.

12)  I forgot the most important one.  Also proves that runners can't add (normally reserved for simple math around mile 20.)  Thanks for all my real and virtual running friends on my blog, twitter, DailyMile, Instagram, and Facebook.  Too many to mention, but here are a few I like to follow;


  1. Awwww thanks for the shout out! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hey, thanks for the callout! Happy thanksgiving to you. :) Thanks for the inspiration to go faster and further!


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