Love is in the Air: Ten Things to Love About Running

With Valentine's Day this week, love is in the air and #runchat is asking bloggers to write about their top ten reasons they love running.  My "Bo Derek" list.

1) A great sense of accomplishment.
2) #bromance.  I've made some great friends through running; either through my running group (Runner's Edge of the Rockies,) or online through twitter and DailyMile.   Sort of a running "Band of Brothers."
3) Free bananas. All you have to do is drop $150 on registration. $500 for Airfare. $400 on lodging. Train for four months. Run 26.2 miles and you can eat all the bananas you want.
4) Chasing women in tights. Women in tights chasing me.
5) Bling.
6) Jubilation of crossing the finish line.  I cried the first time I finished a "mary," and the first time I BQ'ed (but then again, I "tear up" every time I watch "Rudy" or "Hoosiers."
7) New shoes every six months or 500 miles; whichever comes first.
8) Running the gauntlet of Wellesley college coeds--the "scream tunnel." For 200 yards, you feel like a rock star.

9) Carb loading. If you love bread and pasta, this is the sport for you.
10) Some of best naps you will ever find after a 20 mile training run.


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