Toy Haul

I am such a kid, and nothing brings that out like Christmas.  I've been told that I'm hard to buy for, but not really...anything running (or now swimming related) and you can't go wrong.  What do kids do right after Christmas?  They play with their toys then brag about them.  This year's running "toy haul."

Engraved iPod

Didn't ask for this one nor did I expect it.  My wife gave me a new iPod (I've worn out two of them on countless or should I say counted runs on DailyMile.)  Not just any ole iPod--this one's engraved with SeekingBostonMarathon.Com.  Bet you want one of those!

Swimming with Music
Swimming with the heck do you do that without ruining your third iPod in as many years? h2oAudio makes a waterproof case for the above mentioned iPod Shuffle endorsed by none other than Natalie Coughlin.  I've taken it out for a test spin already and it works as advertised.  My only problem is that my playlist is totally a runner's cadence playlist--not made for longer smoother swim strokes.  Not sure that Van Halen makes for a smooth 1500 yard swim--more like dropping a prop motor into the harbor.

Runner's World Calendar

Pretty sad when I'm drooling over a calendar and it's not a swimsuit edition or Minka Kelly, but this will be a page turner with great photos, running tips and a list of marys and half marys throughout the year.  Another "keeper" from the in-laws.

Best Gift of Them All

You're thinking how can you top that?  Last year marked my daughter's 16th birthday and I'd promised her a trip to New York City.  We went right before Christmas and had an absolute blast.  A Broadway play (Wicked,) visit to the 9/11 Memorial, Rockefeller Center, Macy's on 34th St., and of course lot's of shopping for her.  Years from now, I'm sure she will reflect on what a special moment it was especially with the holidays in the air. #priceless

Ironically my calendar has a shot of runners on the Brooklyn Bridge.  I'd packed my run gear and had hoping to run over that bridge on my trip.  I'd already notched Central Park off my running bucket list (future blog story?) but hadn't hit the bridge which we could see from our hotel.  My run gear stayed in the bag as our itinerary was packed with activities for her and it didn't bother me at all.  We drove over the bridge on our last day which served as motivation for my other bucket list item of running the New York City Marathon.

Brooklyn Bridge from Ty Godwin on Vimeo.

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and I think he's a runner.


  1. I love the swimming iPod thing. I'm wanting to start swimming a bit this year so that would definitely help. Although I'm already paranoid about running into the pool edges. Haha. The gift of going to NYC with your daughter is totaly priceless. That's so sweet. I'd love to see a post of your whole running bucket list! I think I need one of those!


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