Black Monday

Dear're not worthy...denied...Tin Cup (Kevin Costner style)...close but no cigar...a day late and a dollar short..."you can't handle the truth"..."MR. BLUTARSKY... ZERO POINT ZERO"...

As I feared and wrote about in my blog earlier this month, my "barely qualified" for the 2012 Boston Marathon was not good enough for the Boston Athletic Association as I came up two minutes and twelve seconds short of being an entrant to next April's race.

As much as I'd convinced myself that I'd be okay and go with plan B, this was a kick to the gut (or Jeff Gillooly crowbar to the shins.) Denied by New York and Boston in the same year. Ouch! I haven't endured this much rejection since Jr. High. I have drank from the BAA chalice twice (in 2010 and in 2011) and last year's BQ minus nine would have certainly got me in this year, but this is the year that wasn't meant to be.

For those that have followed my pilgrimage this last year, you know that I had some setbacks with my running. Dealing with a lot of personal stress in my life, I just simply overdid it. Perhaps using running as some sort of elixir, but just ask Charlie Sheen, anything done in excess will not end pretty. Five marathons in eighteen months was my Charlie Sheen moment. I knew in the first few minutes of this last April's Boston that I simply had no gas left in the tank.

Glass half full?

Dealing with Dr's orders not to run another marathon in 2011, I decided not to quit, but to make my body stronger through weight training and cross-training. Little did I realize that there was also a swimmer inside me as my desire for competition lead to three sprint triathlons at the end of my summer. I have noticed a big difference in my core and upper body strength that will hopefully carry into my 2012 campaign.

What now?

The burning question in your mind, is what now for a runner (and emerging triathlete) with a blog named "Seeking Boston Marathon?" As I pointed out in my last blog, "someone (DP_Turtle) asked me will I change the name to "Sought Boston Marathon?" While it made sense, it didn't. Lays potato chips. Once you have one, you can't stop. Gluttony. Still seeking Boston." I'm holding to that. In fact, just as my first marathon time of 3:42 only motivated me to shave off twelve minutes to qualify the first time, I'm just as pissed that I did not hit my goal and I'm sure it will only fuel me in my 2012 training and races.

Soooo...what mary do I run now that my calendar is open in April? You get to vote, but the short list is two races I've wanted to run that were too close to Boston;

Flying Pig in Cincinnati
Colorado Marathon in Ft. Collins

Beyond what race is next, I have three additional goals for 2012; get a BQ minus ten, go for a NYQ, and resume my triathlon career again next summer. Ironically, I got my Dear John email moments before going out for my lunch run. With fire in my belly, I ran the tempo portion of my five mile run at a 6:58 pace. I guess you could say I've got something to prove.

For those that made it for the first time, enjoy every minute of it, and I hope to see you back there stronger than ever in 2013. The quest continues...still seeking Boston Marathon.


  1. I wish I had something great to say - inspiring, helpful, otherwise - but really, I just want to thank you for this post. I think you put into words what a lot of people might be feeling but lack the mental fortitude to express.

    I don't have a comparable running-related experience to speak of, but disappointment and frustration...well, I understand that.

    You have a great attitude and things will work out for the best, I know it!

  2. Lays potato chips - perfect analogy. You've savored the taste, and I know you will taste it again. That lunchtime tempo is just the 1st of many rockin' runs you're going to put into "Seeking Boston Marathon." I'm going to work hard too so I can share a drink from the chalice with you in 2013.

    Good luck, buddy!

  3. I am so sorry that you didn't get in. I don't think I know what this would feel like, as you did qualify. I tried to set myself up to be OK, just in case, and thankfully, I get to go in 2012.

    I think you should do the flying pig, HOWEVER, it is a challenging course, and if it is your only marathon for 2012, you may not get your BQ-10 there unless you really really work hard for it. Good luck with your choice!

  4. That's the right attitude! In the face of temporary rejection by the BAA increased determination to prove yourself yet again by establishing another P.R. and B.Q., which I'm sure you will. Good luck!

  5. Sorry, sweetie...but you'll get it next time, I just know it! I vote for Flying Pig!

  6. Thanks for your candor ..... gotta run and get back to work but wanted to throw in a word of support.

  7. Total bummer buddy! I say you do Flying Pig, I hear it's a blast and it'll still get you a trip outta town next year... unless you're trying to save some cash, then stick with the more local race. Either way, I have no doubt you'll find yourself in Beantown again!

  8. I feel your pain, bro. I missed my 1st BM by 39 seconds( needed 3:33:46). At 53, do I chase a 3:30 in 2012( feels further away than it really is )or wait till I hit geezer bracket of 55 in 2 years and back it down to a 3:40 qualifier? Time to noodle I guess.
    Thanks for the post!

  9. so sorry. this has to be hard to swallow...and also work hard to qualify, you do it and then you get a sorry but no...

    I like your ending...the quest continues...

  10. arrrgh, SO frustrating. I agree with about Flying Pig, though, I've also heard that it is a blast!


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