Happy Trails! Daughter of Seeking Boston Joins the Team!

Circle the calendar, stop the presses, start spreading the news!

Last week, I posted a rather obscure Haiku announcement around my next race with my special needs buddy Liam. We will be racing in our TENTH race together at the Revel Rockies Half Marathon.

If that's not exciting enough, I have more exciting news in that my daughter will be joining me in our first half marathon together. We have done fun runs before, but she's never done anything longer than a 5k and running really hasn't been her thing beyond keeping in shape.

This is shaping up to be a "circle the calendar" race with Liam and (mom and dad,) Joan and Fabian flying in from San Diego to Denver for the big race along with Nikki joining us...sooo excited!!!

As I'm approaching my 100th race, my daughter was more panicked than excited...or a little bit of both with a dose of "what the hell did I get myself into." One minor detail is that the race is five weeks out and she's run up to five miles. She hit up dad (and her veteran race grandma) for advise on getting to and surviving race day. I consulted a few plans and "planned backwards" from race day to give her a modest training plan to essentially get there with enough base to (hopefully) enjoy her maiden voyage.

There are a ton of couch to 5k and half marathon plans out there, but many start sixteen to twenty weeks out. Speaking of (Liam's mom) Joan, she gave Nikki some confidence in that the longest "long run" she had was merely eight miles before she tackled a half. The plan I selected with some minor tweaks is from Women's Running magazine. While it recommends a run/walk approach, I'll monitor Nikki's progress and told her even up to race day, "you can always walk" and you'll still finish.

If anyone has experience with their first half marathon or similar plans, I'd love to hear from you as would Nikki. Please comment below or track us on my twitter account.

Happy trails!

For those that don't know Liam, I met him through IRun4 Michael which matches special needs individuals with runners. Liam suffers from Cerebral Palsy, Hydrocephalus, and scoliosis. He is blind, does not speak, and is confined to a wheelchair.  Ty and Liam race together with Team Hoyt San Diego. More on Liam HERE.


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